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Honest Trailers Takes On ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’

master of the universe snowqueen

Did you waste your time and money on seeing 50 Shades of Grey? Are you still bitter, disgusted, and yet, most of all, slightly let down? (Yeah, you are.)

Well, Screen Junkies, the makers behind YouTube’s ‘Honest Trailers’ series, are too. So for their 100th episode they’ve created a masterpiece five-minute video that breaks down 50 Shades — both the film and the book — until all that’s left is the cold, hard truth.

Or rather, the lukewarm, weak remains of E. L. James’ Twilight fanfiction adaptation.

Let’s just be thankful that director Sam Taylor-Johnson (who has now departed the franchise) left out some of the more… interesting quotes that the video has lifted from the best selling book series.