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‘Reign’ Season 2 Episode 18 Recap: “Reversal of Fortune”

reign reversal of fortune

For the past episodes of Reign, Mary has been acting like a foolish girl who believes she can do whatever she wants, including having an affair with Conde. Then her husband, King Francis, fell ill.

At first she thought his illness and her brief moment of power in France could be used to deal with her political concerns in her home country of Scotland. She would gather an army together, made up of French soldiers, and she and Conde would ride off into the sunset with Francis’ men.

Francis’ well-being became intertwined with Bash’s story when he awakens in the healer’s home – his wounds tended to and his life apparently saved. Bash worries he has traded his life for another and his fear seems to be realized when in the town square he finds Clarissa – Catherine’s disfigured daughter everyone assumed was dead.

Clarissa’s presumed death is why Catherine stopped opposing Francis and Mary’s marriage as the prophecy stated if they marry, Catherine’s first born would die. As Clarissa was her first born and had died, all seemed well. But it isn’t. When Bash returns to the castle and discovers Francis gravely ill, he knows what he must do. Bash poisons Clarissa, killing her.

After Clarissa dies, Francis seems to recover. Mary is with Francis when he wakes. Catherine is set to exact her revenge on Mary when she tells him about Mary’s intentions to rally Francis’ army to her cause. But Francis backs Mary which infuriates Catherine.

Seeing what Francis has done and is willing to do for her, Mary tells Conde running away with him was a wistful dream. Her place is with Francis and with France – and hopefully it’s her first step to remembering her royal birth and that honor and duty comes first.