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‘Orphan Black’ Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis”

orphan black transitory sacrifices of crisis

It’s more clone vs clone this week on Orphan Black.

Tonight’s episode, “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis” focused on the internal struggles of Project Castor as they come face to face with the Leda clones and encounter unanticipated conflicts.

The opening scene features Rudy, the Castor clone who was previously captured by Dyad, bringing in a lady-friend Patty into a hotel room. Things get steamy between the two, until Seth joins in on the action. Understandably, Patty gets freaked out by the two, especially when Rudy says “we’re brothers. We like to share.”

Michiel Huisman makes his first and last appearance this season during the episode as Cal, Kira’s father and Sarah’s boyfriend (?). The three share much-needed time downtown, and Cal gives them a surprise as he shows them over to his brand new flat in the city. Sarah questions his ability to afford the flat, but goes with it as his proximity to her is very welcoming.

Back at the hotel room, Rudy and Seth (minus Patty) are greeted by a familiar face: Paul. As it turns out, the three are well-connected thanks to the military operations concerning Project Castor. Paul conducts mental/logic tests on Rudy and Seth: while Rudy passes the logic tests with flying colors, Seth has difficulty answering and staying focused on the questions. Rudy is able to cover for his brother in front of Paul but is well aware of glitches within Seth’s mind.

Scott visits Cosima at Felix’s flat and conducts blood tests on her. All seems to be going well with Cosima’s health, though the numbers seem inexplicable. Scott encourages Cosima to meet with Dr. Nealson (the Doctor who previously questioned Sarah last season and was going to perform the oophorectomy), a renowned researcher and geneticist.

Over in the suburbs, Alison explains to Donnie that she has full intentions of running against Marcia for school trustee. While Donnie suggests that they move in order to evade Marcia’s plans of redistricting, Alison brings up the fact they have a corpse under their garage. Alison runs into Ramon, the young department store employee who also happens to run an underground drug/gun business. Ramon tells her that he’s getting out his business for college, though his customers (fellow-soccer moms) remain ample.

Sarah, Cal, and Kira enjoy more well-founded time as they play games in Cal’s flat. Things seem to go undeniably well until Sarah gets a phone call from Art, who explains that a girl that was just brought into the police station reported an eerie encounter with two twins. Sarah correctly identifies them as Rudy and Seth. While Cal urges her to forget these troubles, Sarah explains that this all ties back to Helena and that she must be as involved and active as possible. Cal is unbelievably supportive and watches over Kira for her.

We finally get more screentime for Helena, who’s currently under the strict gaze of the military. She’s brought into a watching room quite violently and is put under methods of water torture for stress tests until she is relieved by the only other female in the area, Dr. Virginia Cody.

Mrs. S has become invariantly subdued following the aftermath of her dealings with Seth. Felix tries to reinvigorate her, but her fire from previous seasons is just lost; she feels that her relationship with Sarah has just completely died. Felix explains to her that she is not excused from the current ongoings and will be expected to be active and help Sarah out. He gives her a clean cell-phone with all of her old contacts used for “scheming” so that she can be of use.

Over at the Dyad Institute, Cosima and Scott meet with Dr. Nealson. While she is abrasive towards the Doctor at first (due to his involvement with Dyad and Sarah), she learns that at the core he too is trying to discover the mysteries behind the clones. He reveals that the original donors and the original genomes to both Project Castor and Project Leda disappeared with the death of the Duncans, and encourages help from the two to demystify these matters.

Much to Art’s chagrin, Sarah shows up to the police station, posing as Beth Childs once more, to question Patty on her circumstances. Patty explains her creepy encounters, and that the two clones (after revealing themselves completely) went through her id and all her information before yanking out her hair. Patty seems completely dumbfounded as to their actions, as does Sarah and Art. Through their encounter, Sarah and Art discover that the Castors have the same tattoo on their forearm: a black two headed horse. As they part ways, Art warns Sarah to stay away from the police department.

Back at the soccer field, Alison and Donnie meet with Ramon in an isolated shed and reveal to him that they would like to buy his business. As it turns out, being involved in the drug ring would help Alison secure votes within the soccer-mom circle for the School Trustee elections. With negotiations held down by Alison (and little by Donnie), they secure the business.

Meanwhile, Seth continues to glitch with spasms and hallucinations. He’s reassured by Rudy on the phone while Rudy himself enters Felix’s apartment, undoubtedly on the search for Duncan’s key to the genome.

While Fee’s flat is being invaded, Cosima and Sarah have a chat about Project Castor and its origins. Cosima tells Sarah that in order to completely understand what’s going on, she’ll have to go against her better judgement and talk to Mrs. S so that she can get connected to Paul.

Back at the military hold, Helena is undergoing the same logic tests that Paul conducted on Seth and Rudy, though she has trouble concentrating thanks to the interceptions of Pupok the scorpion (“Where are these mangos you speak of?”). The test is quickly stopped by Doctor Cody, who takes Helena outside and tells her that her family, including Sarah sold her. Helena doesn’t take a work that she says seriously, though Doctor Cody is vehement in her fascination and appreciation for Helena.

Under Cosima’s advice, Sarah goes back to S’s. S tells Sarah that Paul has gone dark and that it would be extremely hard to find him and get answers. That’s not all – Sarah should take Kira far away from the city, as there are too many dangers. Thanks to S’s recent escapades, Sarah bluntly disagrees with her.

No sooner than S says Paul has gone dark does he show up: right at Cal’s doorstep. Paul tells Cal to inform Sarah that she’s poking her nose into dangerous corners – she’s gotta stay the hell away from the Castor affairs or else.

In the meantime, Sarah has taken Kira up to Fee’s flat for a nice evening filled with bubble baths and blanket forts. It turns out they’re not alone. While Cal tries to warn them by calling Sarah, she misses the call and is unable to anticipate Rudy holding onto Kira as hostage. On both ends, Kira and Sarah are terrified and shaking as Sarah tries with fail to keep her cool. Rudy demands knowledge of Duncan’s genome key in return for Kira’s life, though Sarah honestly has no idea where it is.

Downstairs, Seth guards the staircase. Cal arrives on the scene as the dashing knight, but is blocked by Seth. Thanks to his recent glitches however, he is very easy to overcome, though the loud noises and screams that he makes alert Rudy’s attention. After a high-tension couple of seconds, Rudy leaves Fee’s flat and throws Kira over in order to help his brother. At the base, Rudy sees that Seth’s condition and glitches are well beyond help, and he shoots him right in the chest.

This latest catastrophe convinces Sarah that Kira is not safe in the city, and sends her away on a road trip with Cal. Sarah in unsure of her decision, but her ultimate goal is to keep Kira safe from her enemies. Felix provides some well-needed reassurance (“You’re a good mum. You’re a good mum”). While heartbroken at this separation from her two loves, Sarah immediately gets down to business: they gotta deal with finding Helena and finish this shit. And to do that, they must find Mark.

But where exactly is Mark? Well the ending of this episode doesn’t leave us hanging, completely. Last we saw Mark, he and Gracie had just tied the knot. They’ve now situated themselves in a pleasant motel (honey-mooning, perhaps?). Gracie wakes up in bed and notices Mark’s in the bathroom. She asks if he needs anything, to which he replies for her to go back to bed. And it’s a good thing for her to do; we see Mark placing a towel in his mouth to muffle his screams as he takes a blowtorch and sets his forearm on fire, disintegrating a strange two-horsed tattoo.

Count your sisters? More like count your brothers. It’s a little sad to see Seth go, as I would have liked more exploration into the Castor connections. Nevertheless, Seth’s disappearance will not really be missed and will help focus the mission of the next couple of episodes.

Where Mark fits into the mess gets a little hazy. If you asked me last season finale, I would be 100% confident of the fact that Mark knew nothing of his clone-brothers. Now, I’m not too sure: him burning off his tattoo (which probably has some type of tracker) is super significant and leads me to believe he’s known about Castor this whole time (and faked himself to the Proletheans).

As for our Leda sisters, I’m most concerned about Helena. She’s as innocuous as can be at this point, and I really hope the military don’t do any conditioning to her to make her hate her other sisters. I mean, it seems inevitable that Helena will break free of this military stronghold and reunite with her sestras (a la Prolethean farm). Sarah and Cosima seem to have things settling back into their hands as they each take leadership roles within their own missions. And thank god for Alison providing us the comic relief we all need: I have extremely high expectations for her and her rising drug business.