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‘Jurassic World’ Trailer: Dinosaurs Galore

They’re extinct, but even dinosaurs can’t escape the demands of commercialism.

In the new global trailer for Jurassic World, we get to see what causes everything to go so wrong at the dinosaur theme park. Mainly, the demand for new, more exciting attractions.

So, the scientists create a new monster, one that’s a little too smart, and way too deadly for any visitors to stay safe.

Which is where Chris Pratt comes in, riding in on his motorbike as he and the other keepers attempt to control the man-made dinosaur that has turned everything at the successful theme park upside down.

And if the new trailer below isn’t enough for you, there’s still the bonus clip (the one that Joss Whedon dubbed as being ’70s era sexist’) to check out, where you can see Chris Pratt’s Owen Grady interacting with Bryce Dallas Howard’s uptight character Claire. There’s not much of that stringent character below, but we’ll get to see, on June 12, if Whedon has a point.