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‘Jane the Virgin’ Season 1 Episode 19 Recap: “Chapter Nineteen”

jane the virgin chapter nineteen

Ouch. Seriously, ouch.

Last week, Rafael broke things off with Jane, but this week, he really means it when he reaffirms his wishes.

But before all that, Rafael and Jane spend the episode trying to fix their relationship, Rafael acquiescing to give it one more shot after reading his own comments about Jane at their baby shower. The two attend a couples counseling session that leads Jane to  gasp  reconsider her virginal status.

Their therapist (Nia Vardalos!!!) gives them a list of spontaneous exercises to fulfill with each other, and it’s this that leads Jane to suggest skinny dipping in the hotel pool. Rafael’s quick to agree, surprised that Jane would suggest such a thing, and it’s then, caught up in their feelings and finally feeling good about their relationship again, that Jane offers up her biggest compromise yet.

She asks Rafael if he wants to have sex (he says yes, of course) and things get steamy, but then  the moment’s broken. A security guard interrupts, cooling off their heated moment, with Jane quickly going home to wonder just what she was thinking. This isn’t the first time since being pregnant that Jane has reconsidered her virginity remember her and Michael in that hotel room? but now, just like then, she stopped before things went any further.

And while Jane herself is fine with her doubts  she values her virginity, but she’s also open to changing her mind since this pregnancy has brought everything into question  Rafael emerges, the next morning, convinced that he’s corrupting Jane. Without telling her, he goes back to their therapist, alone, and admits to her what he doesn’t tell Jane: he thinks he’s no good for her. He’s in a bad place, and although he loves Jane, right now, he doesn’t think that he’s any good for her. He worries about bringing her down with him (like Jane would let him, but sure, Rafael, be self-sacrificing) and admits that right now, he just can’t work on their relationship like Jane needs him to.

So what does he do? He tells Jane that he just doesn’t love her the way that she loves him.

Rafael, you beautiful, stupid idiot. You beautiful, stupid, depressed idiot. Like I said last week, Rafael’s going through a lot (as the two pointed out in that hilarious therapy scene). He’s convinced himself that Jane is better off without him  and maybe she is, maybe she isn’t, but either way, that’s her decision  and despite the unhappiness that he’s causing the both of them, he pulls the plug on their relationship. He wants to be a good dad, a good businessman, and he wants Jane to be the best, brightest version of herself. He’s an idiot if he thinks that she can’t be that with him, but he’s a well-meaning one.

He even made me so sad that I didn’t enjoy the Michael/Jane interaction that we got in the lobby after their break-up. Jane, finally accepting the situation for what it is, admits to Michael that she and Rafael have broken up. Something that spurs him to do to Andi the exact same thing that Jane did to him when she broke up with Michael. Michael texts Andi, saying that he just can’t forgive her for stalking Jane and that he doesn’t want to see her anymore. But we all know what this is really about: Jane. Just like how Jane pretended that she broke up with Michael because of how he lied to her about Petra (and doesn’t that seem like eons ago now), Michael pretends that it’s Andi’s deception that has caused him to put the breaks on their burgeoning relationship, and not what it is: his love for somebody else. Jane’s done what Rogelio told Michael she wouldn’t do (end things with Rafael) and because of that, Michael gives up his plan of trying to move on.

But besides his love life, Michael makes a huge leap forward at work, too. Petra makes her escape from Roman (after seducing him, stealing his phone and finally, accidentally murdering him and as much as I love seeing Petra devour man after man, what I really need for her to have now is some contentment), and Michael gets a flash drive full of Sin Rostro contacts out of it. Something that leads him to realize that his partner, Nadine, has been working for the bad guys all along. Against her will, and not doing much besides supplying a little information about the status of their investigation to the crime syndicate, but it’s enough to ruin her career and probably land her in prison.

The crime side of Jane the Virgin is hardly the most compelling part of the series, but the scene where Michael gives Nadine a head start to make an escape from Florida (telling her that he’ll need time to get through all of the data on the drive, at least an hour or two) was a nice little moment between the partners. Nadine didn’t get a lot of screentime, but we know that Michael cared about her (he had tears, people!), and she’s not dead, like most of the characters on this show, so she’s fared better than most. (And maybe she can make a return at some point?)

And yet, still, that’s not all that happened in “Chapter Nineteen.” Xiomara finally comes clean to Rogelio about her kiss with Marco, and in return, is not forgiven. We only get to see the immediate aftermath of their spat, but already, Rogelio’s taking the kiss personally. He calls an end to their relationship  one that I doubt is permanent  while Petra, suffering from post-traumatic stress and with no one else to call, brings her mother back to the hotel.

Which is when Alba has the realization about who exactly pushed her down those stairs back in “Chapter Nine”.


But it’s hard to be shocked or excited by that development when everything is left, clouded over in a little bit of misery, because of Rafael and Rogelio’s heartbreaking decisions.

“Chapter Nineteen” is a highly compelling and mighty sad episode of Jane the Virgin.


  • The narrator couldn’t smooth over the heartbreak tonight, but he could still make a good joke at Andi’s expense: “You remember Andi, right? Used to date Michael? Used to stalk Jane?”
  • Again, because it needs to be said: PETRA KILLED A MAN!!!! ROMAN ZAZO!!! IMPALED!!! FOR REAL THIS TIME!!!
  • Congrats on Jane the Virgin for its Peabody Award win!