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‘Castle’ Season 7 Episode 20 Recap: “Sleeper”

castle sleeper

This week’s Castle answers the question: Where did Richard Castle go for two months and why did he miss his wedding with Kate Beckett?

Dreams are plaguing Castle, causing him to toss and turn in bed and all the women in Castle’s life, Beckett, Martha and Alexis, are noticing. Beckett suggests Castle see someone, which allows Beckett’s therapist from season 4, Dr. Burke (Michael Dorn), to return to the series.

Castle undergoes hypnotherapy and begins to remember bits and pieces of his time away. The clues in his dream drive the rest of the episode.

So what happened to Castle? In a weird, almost unbelievable turn, it is revealed Castle’s former classmate from prep school who was an exchange student was behind it; Castle also went to him for research during his first Derrick Storm book. The man was former Al-Qaeda who was defecting, as Castle called it, to the United States. After the man’s contact is killed, he tells the CIA the only way he will come to the US is if they bring Castle into the mix. The man believes Castle is a prominent figure who the CIA would not kill and would protect.

Castle also learns from the man he only knows as Jenkins that they had to take Castle before his wedding to prevent a bomb threat that would have killed tens of thousands of people. The former classmate who asked for Castle to be his contact had information on the bomb threat that was very time sensitive.

Castle may have found answers but not all of them. He still doesn’t know why he was shot or why he was gone so long. Those questions may never be answered with his memory being erased. But there were some answers to soothe him and he was glad to know he hadn’t done anything nefarious.

The episode ends with Castle and Beckett sharing a glass of wine. Beckett assures Castle he has the best excuse in the world for missing his wedding – he was saving the world.


  • Kate Beckett is behind Castle 100%, not just because she is his wife, or because she loves him, but because she is his partner in all things.
  • Martha coming to Beckett about Castle, with worry in her eyes, proves how much she loves and trusts her daughter-in-law.
  • Nice moment with Alexis waking Beckett up, worried about Castle’s obsession with his disappearance.
  • Esposito continued his snarky disbelief of Castle’s disappearance and it was nice when the truth was revealed. As an audience member tired of his jerky attitude, it was kind of a huge middle finger to him.