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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 2 Episode 20 Recap: “AC/DC”

brooklyn 99 ac dc

Man have I missed this show.

“AC/DC” is an episode all about stubbornness. Jake, on the hunt for an armed robber, injures himself on the job, but he refuses to let bruised ribs, broken toes and a hairline fracture stop him from working.

He’s barely functioning, but he manages to lure Boyle out to Atlantic City under the ruse that they’re going for a vacation, when really, they’re there because he got a tip about their perp being hauled up there. And he is, but that doesn’t mean that Jake is under any condition to catch him. So Boyle rats him out to Terry, who is furious about Jake not being able to leave his work — and this case — alone. He’s severely injured, but when Jake is on the job, nothing else exists for him. But as Terry reminds him, he needs to know his limits, and sometimes, he needs to take a break. His life can’t just revolve around work, but as Jake looks at him forlornly, it’s not hard to see that for Jake, there isn’t much of anything in his life that isn’t work-related.

Rosa, meanwhile, fears that she might have a little too much going on in her private life. Marcus and Kevin conspire together to set up a dinner party for her and the captain, an idea that Rosa and Holt find horrifying. Despite the fact that Rosa is dating Holt’s nephew, the two are trying as hard as possible to keep things strictly professional between them. Something that then becomes impossible when Rosa has a minor freak out at their dinner, and has to confide in Holt so that he can make an excuse for her to exit.

The bombshell? Rosa thinks that she might be pregnant. It turns out to be a fake-out; anxiety created because of this dinner and her own sister’s pregnancy (Rosa has two sisters! And her dad is a teacher! Tell me more, B99!), but it’s so, so worth it for Holt’s flummoxed reaction. The pair tell Marcus and Kevin that she has to go because of a non-emergency emergency (convincing), and on the way out Holt runs into Gina and Amy who the pair had invited as buffers, only to turn them away at the door. The party’s over, and their presence is no longer required, despite how excited Amy was for an opportunity to schmooze with Holt.

So, distraught about another failed event with her mentor, Amy takes the wine that she brought, and proceeds to get drunk with Gina. I would have liked to have seen her being painfully awkward at the dinner, but I would have loved to have seen a drunken Amy and Gina roaming around Brooklyn.

Jake, meanwhile, gets a wakeup call when, after ignoring Terry’s instructions, he  hobbles after their criminal in the alley way adjacent to their motel, and gets hit by the car that’s carrying their back-up.

Not only does he let the bad guy get away, but he ends up in hospital again. This time though, he lets Terry know what he’s feeling. Turns out that the last time he took time off during a case it led to the death of several innocent civilians, and since then, he’s never wanted to leave work during an open case, blaming himself for what happened.

Terry’s getting a lot of extra parenting practice with Jake, but in the end, his words get through to him. Jake takes not only the required two weeks off of work, but an extra few days as well, so that he and Boyle can have a real holiday. Holt, meanwhile, reschedules another dinner with Amy and Gina, and Rosa admits to him that maybe mixing their private lives with their work ones wouldn’t be as bad as she thought it would be.

We’re almost at the end of Brooklyn Nine-Nine‘s second season, and I’m getting the sense that while Rosa is hurtling towards a commitment with Marcus, she’s not the only one. Jake’s had a few disappointments with work this season, and it looks as though he’s finally realizing that as much as he loves being a cop, all those cases and bad guys can’t love him back. I’m betting on some big romantic stylez developments in the next few weeks, but even if it doesn’t happen, I’m just so glad to have this show’s humour back again. It’s been too long, Brooklyn Nine Nine. Glad you’re back for active duty.


  • Boyle and Jake are like an old married couple. Seriously. “Quit calling it a book! It was a visual journey!”
  • Someone needs to take Jake to the Doctor AND the dentist. Pronto. “I haven’t been to the doctor in eleven years! How trill is that?!” “Your tone’s braggy, but your words are real sad.”
  • Holt brainstorms some excellent small-talk. “So, Marcus. what orchids can you name?” “Well that’s easy: none.” “Well here are the orchids I can name…”
  • Holt’s reaction to Rosa’s potential pregnancy was maybe the greatest piece of acting I have ever seen. “Oh… Oh n-? Oh no…”
  • Terry loves his work babies really. “I should be at home looking after my real babies, not some big dumb work baby!”
  • “The Doctors said all my bleeding was internal! That’s where my blood’s supposed to be!”