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‘Spectre’ Trailer: Bond’s Past Will Be Revealed

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The classic Bond theme plays ominously as we get a sweeping view of MI6’s charred and desolate headquarters in London. We’ve picked up where we left off in the last James Bond installment, Skyfall. MI6 was attacked, M died, Gareth Mallory (Ralph Fiennes) has taken her place, and Bond’s family estate, childhood home and the former film’s namesake, Skyfall, has been destroyed.

The shot changes quickly and we watch as Eve Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) slides a small black box full of recovered artifacts from Skyfall to James Bond (Daniel Craig). “You’ve got a secret, something you can’t tell anyone… Because you don’t trust anyone.” Her words creep into Bond’s simple but disorganized living room as he pensively goes through the box’s contents. Our attention goes to the two pieces of paper he is examining: a form titled “Order of Temporary Guardianship” with Bond’s name on it and the surname “Oberhauser” scribbled in the box that says “Temporary Guardian,” and an old, damaged photograph of a young James Bond in the company of a man and another boy, whose face is missing due to a large burn on the photograph.

The scene changes to a expansive lake surrounded by snow-covered mountains, and we watch as Bond singularly navigates his way across the looming waters to an inconspicuous old house by the shore. There, he questions a disheveled Mr. White (Jesper Christensen), Bond villain at large. Slowly and suspiciously, Bond begins a conversation by mentioning that he recently heard White’s name mentioned at a meeting. White, under the impression that Bond was at an MI6 meeting, responds by saying he is “flattered” to hear that London is still talking about him. “It wasn’t MI6,” Bond corrects him as he places a silver ring with the SPECTRE criminal organization’s logo down on the chess board White is sitting in front of. “You’re a kite dancing in a hurricane, Mr. Bond,” White warns, as Bond’s eyes narrow and the scene fades to black. An insidious xylophone tune begins to play, foreshadowing the scene we encounter next.

There are many snippets of scenes that interlace the main ones mentioned so far, such as the funeral scene where we meet new Bond girl Lucia Sciarra (Monica Bellucci), and the inevitable luxury car shot, which we all know the only purpose it was in the trailer was to show off (though the film need not worry about aesthetics, it’s looking good already). But the most important glimpses are the ones that involve Bond walking behind rows of people in a large, intimidating meeting hall. We see this scene when Bond mentions the meeting to White, and we cut to it after White’s warning to Bond. As Bond makes his way to the edge of the bannister, we hear a man’s voice welcoming him to the meeting, and are soon introduced to a man whose face is entirely covered in shadow. He continues to speak to Bond: “It’s been a long time… And finally, here we are.”

Remember the name Oberhauser from Bond’s temporary guardianship form? The faceless man we encounter at the end of the trailer is revealed to be named Franz Oberhauser. Currently, all we know about him is that he is the antagonist, he will be played by Christoph Waltz, and he has something to do with Bond’s childhood. His motives are unclear, but we can speculate that he is an important member of SPECTRE. Hell, he might even be the leader, from the looks of it.

It’s safe to say the trailer was nothing short of a masterpiece, and did an excellent job establishing the past, present and future of the upcoming Bond installment. The shots are slick and clean and absolutely cry “spy thriller,” while the actors do a great job at properly portraying their parts as they all fall into place in their roles, especially Waltz as the new villain on the block.

Spectre is slated to be released October 2015, and rest assured, you’ll find me sitting in theaters ready to watch my favorite spy’s backstory unfold on the silver screen.