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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 2 Episode 17 Recap: “Boyle-Linetti Wedding”

brooklyn nine nine wedding

We get a wedding, a proposal, and Holt making an emotional speech in this week’s Brooklyn Nine Nine.

Is there anything more to even ask for?

I can’t think of anything, which makes this episode pretty damn perfect. Gina (Chelsea Peretti) manages to rope everyone at the precinct into the Boyle-Linetti wedding process, and from there, a magical series of events occur.

There’s the usual wedding hijinks to fix — Terry’s (Terry Crews) too emotional to be officiate the wedding, which leads to Holt (Andre Braugher) stepping in; Gina’s smoke machine breaks; Jake (Andy Samberg) loses the ring and Boyle’s dad (Stephen Root) gets cold feet — but by the end of the episode Darlene Linetti (Sandra Bernhard) walks down the aisle looking amazing in that gold dress, while the rest of department sit back and watch what Boyle and Gina’s ‘lovemaking’ made happen. And Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio), everyone can hear what you’re saying into the microphone, buddy.

Holt and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) both come to realizations about their romantic lives this episode. While Gina talks Boyle’s dad out of his cold feet by reminding him that he’s not a coward who doesn’t take risks (and this is marriage number five, so that’s definitely true), Rosa realizes that that’s exactly what she’s been — a coward — by refusing to invite Marcus (Nick Cannon) to this wedding.

She was worried that he would declare his love for her in such a romantic setting, and while that seemed embarrassing to her at first, she soon realizes that it’s much worse to pretend you don’t have any feelings at all in order to protect yourself from any sort of hurt or shame. So at the last minute she invites Marcus, blurting out that she loves him. You can see that it takes a lot for Rosa to admit these feelings, but her risk is rewarded. Marcus loves her too, and before Boyle ruins the wedding playlist, they have a sweet moment on the dance floor.

Holt, meanwhile, reaches for some feelings of his own in order to make a heartfelt, meaningful officiant speech. And he does that by saying what he wishes could have been said at his and Kevin’s (Marc Evan Jackson) wedding. (Something that, due to their fear that gay marriage would soon be overruled again, they hurried through as soon as possible. Literally. Their wedding vows lasted about 5 seconds.) And while they wouldn’t take that version of their wedding back, the Boyle-Linetti wedding gave Holt a chance to express his feelings on marriage — all while staring out at his husband. Aw. The two characters with the least perceptible feelings ended up expressing the most in this week’s episode.

brooklyn nine nine holt kevin

Jake, meanwhile (a character that, unlike Rosa and Holt, is comfortable with the expression of his emotions, having blurted out his love for Sophia several times and admitted his feelings for Amy freely back in season 1) gets into trouble when Amy’s (Melissa Fumero) hunt for a bad guy makes them late for the wedding. Jake is in a rush to get there in order to reconnect with a middle school girl — the Jenny Gildenhorn that he modeled Amy’s bet-dress off of — that he never got the chance to dance with back at their school dance. Unfortunately, luck is not on his side.

By the time he and Amy go back, having rooted through the trash that they caught her perp in to find Darlene’s ring, Jenny has already, very quickly, moved on to the next single guy at the wedding. So while Jake gets some touching moments with Amy (or ‘Maxi Pads’ as he names her, not wanting his Bond femme fatale name for her to be anything too sexy — and mission definitely accomplished with that one) as she fakes a proposal to him, romantically kneeling amongst the stinking trash bags in their ruined formal clothes to do so, he definitely doesn’t have the kind of successful romantic evening that Holt and Rosa do.

But there’s hints there, with him and Amy, that something more important will be coming along in the last few episodes of this season. Jake’s been a little desperate, romantically, since his break-up with Sophia, and it looks like those feelings might stretch onto Amy again. Especially when you see him looking at her at the close of the episode as he dances with one of Gina’s old relatives that Amy sets him up with. Something’s coming, I think. But I’m sure that there’ll be plenty of baddies to catch before then, and even more jokes.


  • Boyle wore a bag on his head for a small chunk of this episode, not wanting to ruin the tradition of not seeing your father before he gets married. Honestly, Boyle. (“The Bubes. Michael Buble.”)
  • “I mean, Assistant U.S. Attorney? Get a real job!”
  • “I’ve only said ‘I love you’ to three people. My mom, my dad and my dying grandpa. And one of those I regret.” “Which one?” “My dying grandpa. He beat cancer so now I look like an idiot.”
  • “It’s a haiku. And a fact. It works on two different levels.”
  • There were so many great Gina quotes, but this one takes the top spot: “You are a stone cold atrocity.”
  • Gina’s replacement dress for Amy (because she knew she was going to hate whatever Amy wore) looked awesome on her.