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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 3 Episode 16 Recap: “Lahiri Family Values”

the mindy project lahiri family values

In a swift change of mind, Danny (Chris Messina) decides to move to San Francisco with Mindy (Mindy Kaling) because “the only family that matters now is you, me, and little Mindy.” And although it’s pretty easy for him to say this in front of Mindy, he finds it especially hard to tell Jeremy (Ed Weeks), who’s already been left behind by Peter (Adam Pally), Lauren (Tracey Wigfield), and even Cliff (Glenn Howerton), who’s moving to better offices.

Unfortunately, Mindy and Rob (Tate Ellington) are denied a small business loan because of Mindy’s bad credit on account of the apartment she cosigned with her little brother, Rishi (Utkarsh Ambudkar). Luckily, Mindy wants to start up the new practice so badly that she convinces Rob to take out the loan by himself.

Now she just has to deal with Rishi. To try to get him back on track, she tries to get Rob to hire him for the practice. The interview doesn’t go well at all. Rishi leaves halfway through in order to sell drugs to some guy, his other business. Now it makes sense why his boss’ name is Big Murder.

After Rishi tries to quit and fails, Mindy goes in and is surprised to find that Big Murder is none other than John Cho — I mean, Greg. When Rishi comes in and Greg praises him for his really good work at selling drugs, Mindy realizes that all her brother wants is validation. She assures him that she believes in him too and is able to convince him to work for her only.

After overhearing Danny changing his will to add Mindy to it, Morgan (Ike Barinholtz) assumes that he’s dying, and of course, tells the rest of the office. They don’t believe it at first, but Danny makes it pretty convincing by coming in and telling them that he’s grateful to have them as friends and co-workers. This is out of character for Danny, so they also assume the worst.

When Danny tells Jeremy that he’s leaving the practice that night, he’s more than understanding. Jeremy doesn’t even let him finish the sentence. He still thinks Danny has a fatal illness to take care of, but after the office holds a mini memorial with Tamra (Xosha Roquemore) and Morgan singing about missing his eyebrows, Danny actually tells them he’s not dying, but moving to San Francisco. After getting a lot of judgement from the rest of the office about why he’s moving, he blurts out that Mindy’s pregnant in order to justify it. Everyone is, of course, ecstatic.

When Mindy goes to Rob to tell him she hired her brother, he doesn’t take it well, but she also gets the realization that she doesn’t want to start a clinic here. In fact, she’s leaving Stanford early and going back to New York. When Mindy starts having her doubts about starting her own clinic and being a mother at the same time, Rishi and Neepa (Gita Reddy) assure her that it’s possible. She’s more than able to do it. “In terms of entitlement and personality, you da whitest man I know.” If Neepa can work for her son, Mindy can do it too.

While getting on an elevator with Danny, Cliff gets a call from Mindy asking him for the office space he’s leaving behind. So, she’s planning on starting her own practice in the same building as her old practice. I was still sort of hoping she’d go through with the move to San Francisco for a change of scene, but yeeesh, how is Jeremy going to take this?


  • “Good call, Eisenstein.” – Morgan
  • “Fine, my credit’s bad. Do you accept street cred?” – Mindy
  • “She opened up another credit card last week for a free cupcake.” Sounds like something I would do.
  • “I’m gonna call mom and dad and they’re gonna kill you and then you’re gonna get reincarnated and they’re going to kill you again.” – Mindy
  • I really needed to have John Cho on my TV again. Oh, Selfie, I hardly knew ye.
  • “Morgan Grandmother Castellano! It’s got a good ring to it.” – Morgan