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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 3 Episode 14 Recap: “No More Mr. Noishe Guy”

mindy project no more mr noishe guy

This episode was already set to be an emotional one with the departure of Adam Pally from series regular, but it’s not until the very last minute of the episode where it becomes an incredibly surprising and life-changing one. I’m getting ahead of myself here…

3 months after starting the fellowship at Stanford, Danny (Chris Messina) visits Mindy (Mindy Kaling) and in a montage very reminiscent of their one in New York last season, they do some tourist-y things around San Francisco. While Danny isn’t very fond of it, despite its beautiful landmarks, Mindy must find a way to tell him that Dr. Rob Gurglar (Tate Ellington) offered her a place to start a new fertility clinic there.

To tell him the big news, Mindy makes a surprise visit to New York, but Danny beats her to the punch. As soon as Danny picks her up from the airport, he takes her to see a house he bought where they can live together. Uh-oh. She has to hold off on telling him the news.

While she’s in New York, she takes the opportunity to get a gynecological exam by Peter (Adam Pally), which is when they can tell each other about their problems. After Lauren’s makeout with Peter last episode, she broke up with Jeremy (Ed Weeks). Lauren (Tracey Wigfield) is also moving back to Texas. Mindy also tells him about how much she loves San Francisco and also tells him of a quote from Michelle Kwan’s autobiography, “Life doesn’t move in steps, it moves in huge leaps.”

Peter takes this quote to heart and follows Lauren to the airport. He’s completely willing to move with her, but she’s in a real hurry to board the plane so she can’t give him a definitive answer. Before she leaves though, she kisses him passionately.

Very excitedly, Peter tells the Schulman and Associates office that he too is moving to Texas, but no one takes it well. In fact, Danny says, “People aren’t leaving here willy-nilly like that. That’s not what we’re doing here. We have a contract! Just because you feel like doing something doesn’t mean you can.” This isn’t looking well for Mindy at all.

Once she’s in her office, she texts Rob that she can’t do the move anymore. She has to stay in New York. Unfortunately for him, he had already quit his job thinking he was going to be working with Mindy in her new office.

That night, Mindy hosts a going-away party for Peter, where they both get a chance to talk to each other about what’s going on in their lives. Mindy feels sad and guilty for even entertaining the thought of moving. Peter tells Mindy that “You’re allowed to change what you want in life” and that she should just be honest with Danny because he loves her.

As soon as Danny and Jeremy arrive at the party, what do you know, Rob comes in too. This guy ruins everything. After thinking Mindy just announced the news of moving to San Francisco, he loudly tells Danny about the idea to start a practice there. Danny furiously leaves and heads back to the house he bought them. Peter follows him and tells him that Mindy doesn’t want to leave him behind. This is just a great opportunity and “Home is where the person you love is.”

Danny goes back to Mindy’s apartment, but they end the night still not knowing what to do. He can’t handle changing too much. Mindy wouldn’t like him if he did.

Mindy leaves before Peter, so they don’t get a proper chance to say goodbye to each other. He calls her and after telling her she’s his best friend he gives her the big news that she’s pregnant!


  • Danny freaking out over earthquakes is still pretty hot.
  • “See this is why Ma should be my Amazing Race partner.” “Okay, but would she eat a bucket of worms? I would. Great, now I’m hungry.” – Danny and Mindy
  • “She thinks you’re Malala.” – Danny about Beverly (I love that they included Mindy’s real-life incident).
  • I’m really going to miss Peter and Mindy’s heart-to-hearts. Damn, I’m really going to miss Peter in general. He started off simply as a douchebag, but he’s one of the few characters that’s been really developed. He still has those frat-boy aspects of him, but he became the character Danny and Mindy could go talk to for help. I’m not sure what they’re going to do without him. I’m really hoping he starts guest starring on the show a lot more to make it seem like he never really left.
  • A baby! Oh my, but I have full trust in The Mindy Project to deal with this storyline in an entertaining way, but now they’re going to have to choose where they’re going to settle down. San Francisco or New York?