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‘The 100’ Season 2 Episode 14 Recap: “Bodyguard of Lies”

the 100 bodyguard of lies

Can I just — ?

Clarke Griffin is bisexual!

As someone who doesn’t regularly get their sexual orientation represented on TV shows or movies, I’d just like to say a huge thank you to The 100. It’s such a relief to see a show be so inclusive and do it in such a nonchalant way. The most important thing in this world isn’t who you love or who you’re attracted to, it’s about surviving.

Even though the show dealt with Clarke’s (Eliza Taylor) sexuality in a very subtle and beautiful way, it’s far from subtle in our world. If you’ve already read Sara’s article on the Clarke and Lexa kiss, then you know that this would make Clarke “the first LGBTQ lead character for live-action, young adult programming on a major network.”

Even if Clarke isn’t ready to commit to being in a relationship so soon after Finn’s (Thomas McDonell) death, we can’t say she doesn’t have some sort of feelings for Lexa (Alycia Debnam Carey). I mean, did you see that kiss? Clarke was really into it. Coming after the heated sexual tension that’s been building between the two, the kiss solidified their relationship as being more than just a partnership. More so, the kiss seems to have melted the cold exterior Lexa’s kept for herself since Costia’s death. Life is more than just surviving. The smile she gives to Clarke at the end of the episode says it all. If there’s a chance they can both get out of Mount Weather alive, then there might just be a chance for them to further their relationship into a more romantic one.

I can’t even bear thinking about the opposite of this and what might actually happen in the upcoming two-part finale, so I should probably start talking about the rest of the episode. Although, knowing me, I could continue talking about the kiss for a long time.

What brought on their passionate and heated argument was Lexa’s insistence on killing Octavia (Marie Avgeropoulos). Octavia now knows that Clarke and Lexa ditched them to escape the missile, so she’s a threat to Lexa. She might tell everyone else about it. When Clarke hears about this, she confronts Lexa, who ends up calling off her guard from killing Octavia. She’s safe for now.

There’s nothing much they can do besides wait for Bellamy (Bob Morley) to take down the acid fog. By now, Mount Weather know Bellamy’s in there so they’re trying to work against him. With the help of Raven (Lindsey Morgan) and Wick (Steve Talley), Bellamy is able to neutralize the pH level of the acid fog. The Grounders and Sky People can now advance onto Mount Weather.

Clarke and Lexa aren’t the only ones who kiss in this episode. In a celebratory act, Raven and Wick get it on and ultimately do the deed on the table. Afterward, Wick wants to be in a relationship with her, but Raven closes him out. Raven has a habit of thinking sex will solve her problems, but is then let down by the results of a brief moment of happiness.

As for the City of Light storyline, Murphy (Richard Harmon), Jaha (Isaiah Washington), and the rest of their crew get caught in a minefield. After taking hours of going through each step bit by bit, one man has just about had enough and just runs through. Luckily, he isn’t injured or killed and the rest of the group are free to walk through.

Once they cross through their last bit of desert, all they see are a bunch of solar panels. This is what they suffered to get to? Jeez.

They can’t despair for too long because suddenly, a drone leads them to a boat, that they then get on and paddle out to the water on.


  • “You care about him.” “I care about all of them.” “Yet you worry about him more.” This is a beautiful episode for the multi-shippers. (I am one of them.) Come to the dark side. Join us. It’s a much more pleasant place. Jealous Lexa with a hint of Bellarke? Hell yeah!
  • Bellamy ditched the hat. Praise!
  • Octavia’s angry at Clarke and doesn’t know she saved her life. Ugh.
  • “I defied death!” Jaha, get over yourself.
  • “You can all me Kyle.” Yeah, okay. I’m still calling you Wick.
  • That explosion definitely made it seem like Bellamy was going to burn.
  • The City of Light was sort of a let-down. Maybe there’s an even better City of Light?
  • Anyone else get chills when the Grounders all started their war yells?
  • Oh, and Clarke is bisexual. I’ll never get tired of saying that.