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‘Shameless’ Season 5 Episode 4 Recap: “A Night to Remem… Wait, What?”

shameless a night to remember

Last time we left off, Frank blew up Sheila’s house, Sheila ran away in an RV, Debbie kind of raped a guy, and Fiona got a new boyfriend. Let’s see how the bunch fares this week…


We are graced at the beginning of the episode with Frank (William H. Macy) covered in pigeon crap sleeping on a public monument. Even though he is mistaken for a homeless man and gets shooed off by a cop, he is giddy because he is going to be getting his $21,000 insurance check (from that time when Carl purposely broke his femur). He wants to reopen his brewery and put his money to good use, but when he goes to the bank he finds out that he withdrew all of his money when he blacked out the night before. This ensues a wild goose chase similar to that in The Hangover as Frank tries to find out just what the hell he did with his money.

First stop is The Alibi, where he finds out he had bought a couple thousand dollars worth of expensive drinks for everyone, and it doesn’t end there. While still at The Alibi he realizes he has car keys in his pocket. Not just any car keys, but the keys to a brand new Porsche that got royally messed up from the night before. A friend of Frank’s that was sleeping in the back seat of the Porsche tells Frank all about his wild night, including gambling in Chinatown. Frank finds out he doubled his money while gambling and afterwards booked an expensive room at a five-star hotel, where he threw a rager that included expensive wine, prostitutes and drugs. But that’s still not where it all went. Frank spent the remainder of his fortune on prosthetic legs for amputee homeless children. Maybe he’s not such a bad guy when he’s drunk? Just kidding. He ends up having to barter his car to a group of angry hotel valets for running over one of their buddies. So basically the payout he was waiting for ends up being pissed away. Why is that ending not surprising at all?


After only dating Gus (Steve Kazee) for a less than a couple weeks, the two decide to get married after Gus confesses his love for Fiona (Emmy Rossum) when he visits her at Patsy’s Pies. Sean (Dermot Mulroney) appears to be somewhat jealous of their relationship. Gus’s bandmates (including Davis) come to the restaurant and celebrate the newlyweds, and all is well for now.


Lip (Jeremy Allen White) finally gets the hell out of Chicago to visit Amanda (Nichole Bloom) in Miami. Her family is obscenely rich — they have a nanny for each of Amanda’s twin younger sisters for crying out loud. As you can expect, the two have a blast together and even have vagina sex for the first time together on Amanda’s parents’ bed. Later that day during lunch, her dad (Ian Kahn), who had initially hated Lip, finds out that Lip wants to be a fellow engineer. The two end up bonding over biodegradable packing peanuts and electric cars. Amanda’s dad even offers Lip a paid internship while the two secretly smoke pot. So far, it looks like Amanda is the best thing that’s ever happened to Lip. Let’s hope it doesn’t go downhill…

shameless lip amanda


Debbie (Emma Kenney) begins her day by asking Fiona if she can go on the pill just in case she needs it in the future, and although Fiona is shocked, she agrees to ask Planned Parenthood about getting a prescription. Later that day, Debbie encounters her back-stabbing friends who make fun of her and call her a rapist. This prompts Debbie to punch one of them in the face and start a four-on-one fight. A teen boy named Derek (Luca Oriel) comes along and breaks up the fight while defending Debbie, who is overcome with gratitude. Upon seeing his “Reflex Athletics” shirt (a boxing gym), she enrolls in boxing classes at the gym to learn how to fight. At the end of the episode, Debbie tells Fiona to forget about the pill because it causes problems with gaining muscle and whatnot. Alright, Debbie! She’s finally realizing that she’s more than just a sexual object and is getting out of that mindset her friends are stuck in.


Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) gets involved with a gang dealing drugs, and since he’s a young “white boy,” well-to-do people won’t be afraid of him and are more willing to buy drugs from him. Carl is having bad luck with it and begins to fall into debt. He later gets “drug math” advice from Frank. The two agree not to tell Fiona anything about the drug dealing, and Carl secretly practices flash cards with drug terms and measurements on them under the covers.

Mickey and Ian

Mickey (Noel Fisher) gets a free suitcase by pretending it was his that he lost on a flight. Ian (Cameron Monaghan) plays along and gets the idea to steal them from the airport. The house ends up being filled from floor-to-ceiling with stolen suitcases. It is quite clear that Ian is having another one of his bipolar stints, and even Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter) has picked up on Ian’s mental behavior: “Your boyfriend has lost his shit.” I hope that Mickey has begun to realize that Ian’s mental health is too much for him to handle.

Veronica and Kevin

While trying to find a babysitter for their date night, Kev (Steve Howey) proves himself to be one over-protective parent and doesn’t want to leave the twins alone with a babysitter yet. V (Shanola Hampton) is upset about not having a night out, and calls up Fiona to invite her to a club. The two go for a wild night out and V orgasms after briefly grinding with a guy. She doesn’t feel right about it and immediately leaves the club feeling like she’s cheated on Kev.


V confesses her encounter at the club to Kev and admits that she is sexually deprived. Fiona goes home to Gus’s apartment and realizes that marrying him may not have been an excellent idea. Frank and Carl despondently sit together on the porch drinking what is left of a $2,000 bottle of wine.

shameless gus fiona


Not gonna lie about this: Frank’s wild goose chase was my favorite part of this episode. In fact, I liked it so much that I had to give this episode a 9. At the same time I like that Debbie is learning how to kick ass, but I also feel like she’s doing it for the wrong reasons — the biggest concern being that she’s doing it because she wants to get back at her friends. I feel bad for Carl that he’s gotten himself involved in drugs so young. I never really thought much of him, but I’ve got to admit it kind of broke my heart to see him getting into debt already. Unfortunately this a pretty realistic representation of what some boys his age get themselves into… Let’s hope his older brother Ian also gets some help, because it is just not okay to have a house filled to the brim with stolen suitcases, alright?

Fiona has realized that her marriage to her boyfriend of two weeks may have not been a wise decision. Although Gus seems like an amazing guy, Fiona wasn’t thinking about her siblings and what would happen to them after her marriage. I can see her responsibilities getting in the way of their marriage. Speaking of marriage, let’s hope that V’s discussion with Kev about her “sex famine” has woken Kev up to the fact that V is also in need of his attention. While he’s being a great dad to his daughters, he’s not seeing that there is a problem with their marriage. V also might be suffering from postpartum depression, and I can only hope that she doesn’t join the group of characters whose mental health gets neglected. That’s all for now. Until episode 5!