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‘Reign’ Season 2 Episode 14 Recap: “The End of Mourning”

reign end of the mourning mary

Who was responsible for King Henry’s poisoning? Catherine (Megan Follows) and Narcisse (Craig Parker) are on the case, much to the chagrin of Bash (Torrance Coombs) who tries to remind them he was the first one to raise suspicion.

Amidst the detective work is the arrival of the Duke of Guise (Gil Darnell), Mary’s uncle. Mary (Adelaide Kane) is surprised at her uncle’s arrival — after all the chaos he had caused. He tells Mary he has come for her forgiveness. Guise is also seemingly set on courting Catherine.

As Bash and Narcisse try to unravel the clues as to who poisoned King Henry, their leads cast a light on Conde (Sean Teale). Mary is shocked as each new bit of information points to Conde.

In order to keep Conde in court, Mary asks him to stay, alluding to her reasoning being that she has feelings for him. Likewise, Francis (Toby Regbo) warns Lola (Anna Popplewell) off any continued matchmaking between herself and Conde – as they suspect him of treason for poisoning Henry.

Francis and Mary eventually gather Conde and his brother Antoine (Ben Aldridge) around the table to lay out their accusations. Just as Francis is laying out his suspicions, Catherine barges in to stop him. She tells Francis that Narcisse has discovered evidence that it was the Duke of Guise who was behind what happened to Henry.

reign end of the mourning

Catherine says a valet named Fredrich, who had massive debts, was hired by Guise to poison the king.

Conde is furious at the accusations levied against him and is seemingly hurt. His anger opens up the secret he has been carrying – that Bash killed his and Antoine’s brother. After Conde storms out, Bash says he was ordered by Henry to kill the man – he didn’t even know who he was. Antoine says he forgives Bash and he will make Conde forgive him as well.

As Guise is leaving the castle, his coach stops in the middle of the woods and is killed after being shot with arrows.

All is well then, right? Henry’s poisoning has been solved. Wrong. Narcisse set up Guise to hide the fact that Antoine hired the man to poison Henry. Narcisse lets Antoine know they each have a secret now and both will work to take down Francis.

In an inevitable turn of events, due to Mary’s coldness toward Francis, he’s beginning to turn to Lola. And Mary, even though she’s supposed to be so damaged by her rape, is mooning over Conde — even though she fought like hell to be with and marry Francis. Drama for drama’s sake is so boring and mundane.

There was also the minor subplot that dealt with Greer (Celina Sinden) and her banishment after her husband had been deemed a traitor. She’s living above a tavern next door to a prostitute, and dodging men who want to run their finger through her hair. They have pushed Greer so far out of the realm of court life that I don’t really care about her storyline.