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Norm Macdonald Tweets About SNL 40 Behind-The-Scenes

Saturday Night Live aired its three-hour long 40th anniversary special this past Sunday night. Among the many guest stars was Norm Macdonald, who was a cast member on the show for five seasons — three of which were spent anchoring Weekend Update.

He did a very cool thing today by tweeting some behind-the-scenes details from that reunion — in long-form, no less.

Here are some highlights.

He talked about reviving that Celebrity Jeopardy sketch.

He talked about Eddie Murphy.

He praised Mike Myers.

He talked about the Rolling Stone article that ranked every single Saturday Night Live cast member. (Macdonald was ranked 135 out of 141. Ouch.)

He talked about Murphy turning down the Celebrity Jeopardy sketch.

Read all of the tweets on Macdonald’s timeline at @normmacdonald.