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‘Jane the Virgin’ Recap: “Chapter Fourteen”

jane the virgin love triangle

What makes this show so great is that even though it’s essentially a telenovela with its over-the-top moments, Jane the Virgin‘s sweet and simple moments, like this week’s “I love you’s” delivered by Rafael (Justin Baldoni) and Jane (Gina Rodriguez) to each other, are incredibly sincere.

After last week’s Sin Rose-stro revelation that Michael (Brett Dier) had, he notifies both Rafael and Jane of this, which means Luisa (Yara Martinez) might just be the key to where Rose (Bridget Regan) might’ve run off to. While Rafael is dealing with getting his sister out of the mental institution, Jane and Michael also learn that, in true telenovela fashion, Roman Zazo has a twin brother Aaron Zazo (Alano Miller) who had been kidnapped by a drug cartel. Rafael had been keeping this a secret from Jane because it had gotten too complicated.

This whole secrecy between the pair brings out their true feelings about trust. Jane brings up the fact that they technically just met, it just doesn’t feel like that because they’ve already gone through so much as a couple, “murders and twins and mastermind criminals.” Their timeline has advanced rapidly on account of all of this and the baby, but they’re willing to work through their trust slowly.

After the discovery of his father’s body though, Rafael seems to shut her out. He won’t show how he feels, he just heads straight into working against Petra (Yael Grobglas) who’s trying to take over his business. In contrast, Luisa believes that “money is the root of all of [their] problems.” She’s done thinking about business, so she willingly gives her voting rights to… Petra! Not Rafael! On account of Petra being particularly “kind” to her at her father’s funeral. Petra now has the advantage over Rafael, while Luisa takes some time to think for herself.

…Or not.

jane the virgin chapter fourteen

Luisa skipped town with Sin Rose-stro, making the situation for Rafael even more complicated. Who knows when she’ll be back? Luisa might be the face of the company forever.

After everything Rafael’s gone through, Jane needs him to know that she’s there for him. That night, after telling him she loves him, he finally shows what he’s been feeling all along and says it back to her.

But what comes as even more of a surprise to her is that the next morning, Rafael’s so giddy on their proclamations of love for each other, he wants to take it one step further. He wants to move in together.

We won’t know what Jane thinks of this until after a brief 2 week hiatus when Jane the Virgin returns March 9.


  • At least they mentioned how Woody Allen’s problematic when mentioning that quote. I was almost disappointed.
  • “I have stepsisters that are twins. One of them has a bigger dimple, I think, maybe.” Jane, you are too cute.
  • “The greatest love story” is Rose and Luisa? Hmmmm.
  • I’m so glad Luisa’s coming to the forefront in this storyline. I was starting to miss her. And yet, as soon as we get her back, she’s gone again. Running off with Rose.
  • I keep forgetting Rafael had cancer…