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‘How To Get Away With Murder’ Season Finale Recap: “The Night Lila Died” & “It’s All My Fault”

Finally, FINALLY we get to find out what really happened the night Lila died. Though at this point it’s less me actually giving a shit, and more “can we just resolve this already and move on to the next inevitable murder?”

The Night Lila Died

htgawm annalise

Wes’ perfect illusion of his girlfriend had begun to crack at the end of last week’s episode when he and Laurel visited Rebecca’s old neighbor Rudy. (The word ‘wet’ led to an unintentionally hilarious look of dawning horror on poor Wes’ face.) And if there was anyone out there in the audience who still believed in Rebecca’s innocence, that final scene of Rebecca tracking Wes via his cell phone likely shattered that image too. Girl’s up to something. Something shady.

Wes returns home to Rebecca and, under Laurel’s excellent advice, does his best to act normal, because any move he makes now could spook Rebecca into confessing to the police. Wes tells Rebecca that he loves her, and they proceed to have sex… which then cuts to a flashback of five months earlier when Rudy still lived in that apartment. Rudy had eavesdropped on an argument between Lila and Rebecca just before Lila died, in which Lila blamed Rebecca for everything that happened with “Darcy” and announces she’s getting back together with Griffin. When Rebecca tries to change Lila’s mind, Lila lashes out then storms off. Hm, motive — Rebecca looked extremely hurt after Lila called her a “trashed out druggie out whore” — but I’m starting to think this is way too obvious.

Another flashback shows us that Griffin’s side of the story was true enough; Rebecca did go to the frat party the night Lila died to have sex with him, and she did text Lila from his phone to get her to walk in on them.

Over in the courthouse, Nate has ignored Annalise’s advice of firing his lawyer. Annalise is frustrated, but she’s got another case to worry about: a priest named Father Andrew has been accused of murdering a fellow clergyman, Father Bernard. Previously he had plead guilty to the charges, but changes his mind when a woman from his church walks in the room. Annalise rolls with it, even taking the blame for the sudden change, but her efforts to prove the man’s non-guilty-ness are thwarted by the fact that he really did kill that clergyman.

“You lie to yourself, that’s how you do it. You lie. And you tell yourself that that client who you know did it, did not. Because dwelling in that truth won’t let you do your job.”

htgawm rebeccaFather Andrew later tells Annalise why he did it: he had discovered that Father Bernard was abusing young men at the church, after one of the young men committed suicide. He had killed Father Bernard to prevent the man from hurting any more people. “I know what I did was wrong,” says Father Andrew, “I just don’t feel it was wrong.” However, because Father Andrew refuses to attest to any of this on the stand, Annalise convinces the woman from his church to perjure herself to give him an alibi. It ends up not being enough: Father Andrew pleads guilty again and confesses to the crime in court.

Annalise uses Frank’s “connections” to get Nate attacked in jail so he’ll get taken out, which is truly awful, and as much as I love Annalise and her moral greyness she cannot keep playing the people around her like this. There are consequences. This is proved in the next scene, when Bonnie informs her that the judge has moved poor Nate to solitary instead of removing him from prison.

Frank and Bonnie manage to get the hardass judge replaced using some good old fashioned blackmail, so Nate ends up being released on bail after all. When Annalise tries to talk to him that night he finally accepts her help — albeit very grudgingly.

Wes and Laurel, meanwhile, are still playing detectives with the police transcripts from Rebecca’s first confession. Wes now believes that Rebecca went to the sorority house to see Lila after the debacle at Griffin’s frat house, which places her there in the right time frame to have potentially murdered Lila. All of Wes and Laurel’s secret whisper sessions attract the attentions of Michaela and Connor (who, by the way, has a short but very informative STD testing C-plot in this episode), so Wes updates them on his minor breakdown. Together they go confront Rebecca.

“No, do not look at him! You ruined our lives, don’t you get that? …You dragged us into the horror show that is your life, and now we’re all screwed forever. So you’re gonna tell us the truth, every horrible secret about that night that you haven’t told anyone, or I swear to god I will personally destroy you.”

Michaela has a rare moment of awesomeness with the above speech, before asking Rebecca whether or not she killed Lila. When Wes seconds that question, a betrayed Rebecca reveals that she found the campus cop that witnessed Wes, Laurel, Michaela and Connor carrying the rug with Sam’s body, and threatens to call him.

Rat Pack’s response to this is to tie Rebecca up in the bathroom and call Annalise.

It’s All My Fault

htgawm wes

This is the worst idea they’ve had since “let’s just toss the chopped up body parts of the guy we murdered into the trash” and I am loving it. Everyone updates a shocked Annalise on what they’ve learned, and Wes tells her that Sam might have been innocent. They bring Rebecca back to Annalise’s place, where Annalise suggests putting a trial on for Rebecca.

Flashbacks again, this time showing what Sam was doing the night Lila died. Lila called him just before the lecture he was supposed to give at Yale, saying that she wasn’t going to go through with the abortion and that she was going to tell Annalise about it. That’s when she went to Annalise’s house all tearful and was turned away by Bonnie at the door — while Annalise talked to Sam on the phone as he secretly drove back to meet with Lila.

Most of the Rat Pack do their lawyer spiels trying to prove Rebecca’s guilt, but they don’t really have any hard evidence. Annalise is called away to speak to the prosecution about Nate Lahey’s case (where she lies about Nate following her home and getting into a fight with a drunk and violent Sam, which is supposed to explain how his fingerprint got on Sam’s ring), so Frank is left with babysitting duty. He’s an awful babysitter. Rebecca tries to work her master manipulator magic on Connor, then insinuates that Wes may have killed his mother (Wes’ face when Connor tells him this is also mighty suspicious — you know what I’m just gonna go with the theory that everyone in this goddamn bar is a secret murderer), before Asher rolls up to be a major annoyance.

“I’m just saying you’re all spending so much time trying to figure out if I’m a killer when we already know somebody who is.”

Rat Pack drags Rebecca down to the basement to avoid being seen, but not before Rebecca uses the distraction to fire off a text: “Eggs 911, Lawyer’s house.” Annalise and Bonnie get Asher out of the house while Frank leaves Rebecca tied up in the basement. Relationship-related C-plot for this episode deals with Michaela, who has lunch with her ex-potential-mother-in-law who’s trying to woo Michaela back into marrying Aiden. Michaela informs her that Aiden is “gay or bi or experimental,” that he no longer loves Michaela, and that that doesn’t matter because Michaela loves herself. Yay self-love and self-empowerment!

Another set of flashbacks: Sam made it to the roof of the sorority house to talk to Lila, where he tells her he doesn’t love Annalise anymore and that he loves Lila.

Annalise’s attempt at connecting with Rebecca goes sour, so she sends Wes in to “be a man and go and get your girlfriend to talk.” Wes gets her to talk: the night Lila died, Rebecca returned to her apartment soaking wet, and Rudy started asking questions. When she realized Rudy could identify Lila and knew they’d been fighting, she drugged him with PCP and Purple X to cause him to have his breakdown. She then tells Wes that she was wet because she was hiding in the water tank with Lila’s dead body. Wes believes her, and tells the rest of the group as much.

“She’s messed up. That’s what happens when you grow up like she did. People take advantage of you, you think everyone’s out to screw you, so you do stupid things.”

Annalise announces the trial to be over, and goes to release Rebecca and ask her nicely to not go to the police, but by the time she gets there Rebecca is already gone. Later Wes tells Annalise that he didn’t let Rebecca go, and starts blaming himself for everything that’s happened.

Set ups for season two abound: Nate finally calls the number of the lawyer that Annalise gave to him. The prosecutor on Nate’s case is shown going to Asher (of all people!) to question him about Annalise. Laurel meets a drunk Michaela at a bar to return her engagement ring, that Laurel found the night of Sam’s murder but kept to prevent Michaela from going to the police. Connor goes home to Oliver, and finds out that Oliver tested positive for HIV.

A final flashback shows that Sam didn’t kill Lila on that rooftop after all, because after telling her he loved her and that he was going to tell Annalise it was over, he went to call Frank from a payphone to tell him to “do what we talked about [because] you owe me.” Rebecca only stumbled across the dead body.

“Sam killed Lila. Sam killed Lila. Sam killed Lila.”

The final scene of the season? Annalise sees Wes off after their bonding session, promising him that they’ll find Rebecca, then goes down to the basement where Frank is leaning casually against some boxes… and they both look at Rebecca’s dead body. “Now what?”

Ho. Lee. Shit.