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‘Eye Candy’ Season 1 Episode 4 Recap: “YOLO”

eye candy yolo

In this week’s Eye Candy, what was supposed to be a night of fun filled with pranks and drinking, ends up turning into missing persons case that both Tommy (Casey Jon Deidrick) and Lindy (Victoria Justice) must solve.

Six kids rented a party bus to celebrate their high school graduation, but the next morning five of them and a driver are missing. Despite Tommy’s hesitation to enlist Lindy to help the NYPD in cracking the case, it’s her high-tech knowledge that wins them over. Through looking into their social media accounts, she can get a view into and even place herself into the events that happened the previous night.

The only boy found the next morning was Max (Danny Flaherty), a loner and one of Amy’s (Taylor Rose) friends. He doesn’t seem to know any information even after Tommy tries to talk to him. Lindy takes a shot at it by telling him she understands what he’s going through because she lost her sister. She also gives him back his phone, somewhat earning his trust. It’s clear Max has no idea where Amy is because he tries texting her, hoping for a response. That’s when we see the text arrive at her phone. The only problem is that her phone is on top of Amy’s body that washed up on shore.

When they tell Max that Amy’s dead, he’s completely shocked and mortified and leaves the precinct. Since they confiscated his phone and downloaded all of the files, they can now view some moments from what happened that night. They watch Amy hire a psychic (Janis Dardaris) who seems to be pretty accurate, but when it’s Amy’s turn she acts like she’s possessed and starts screaming, causing everyone but Amy and Max to run out of the bus in fright. Before Amy leaves, she tells her to stay away from water. When Tommy and Lindy bring her in for questioning, she tells them that what she did was a show. Amy paid her to scare her friends, but she’s not a scam artist. She knew something bad would happen to Amy if she got close to water. And it did.

Next in the videos, we see Amy and the driver start to make-out in the bus, but they get interrupted by something outside. Amy swears it’s the “stowaway” and when the driver runs off, she films the “stowaway” attacking her. Lindy looks up the story of the “stowaway,” which was of a group of teenagers who pranked a loner-type (like Max), in the engine room, but he ended up going crazy because no one ever saved him. He now haunts and preys on teenagers who go to the docks at night. They decide to go looking for him and because they went so far down, that’s why their phones lost signal.

It’s through another video that they see Amy recorded her own murder and it seems like this “stowaway” person threw her off the ship. When Tommy and some other cops go into the ship, they find the other four teenagers locked in a compartment. They interview them and find out that her parents pulled her out of school once for six weeks and it’s when she comes back that Max became her best friend. Lindy realizes that she was admitted into a recovery center during that time for an eating disorder while Max was severely depressed. It was there that they created the “stowaway” legend together.

Tommy and Lindy go back on the ship and find that Amy’s death wasn’t a murder, but an accident. She tripped on some chains, hit her head against the ship, and fell into the ocean. They come across Max who’s blaming himself for her death. He locks himself in the engine room, just like in the legend, and attempts suicide by releasing gas into the room.

While Tommy tries to force the door open, Lindy runs up to the captain’s deck and starts airing a clip of a video on the speakerphone. Max can now hear Amy talking to another friend about him, “You don’t get it. Max saved me. He’s given me the best 6 months of my life. I can’t imagine I could ever be happier than tonight. I’ll always love him for it. Always.”

This and some words from Lindy do the trick and Max opens the door, but on the way out, Max accidentally drops a pipe that, in combination with the gas, sets the ship on fire. Very much to the relief of Lindy, Max and Tommy (especially Tommy) make it out okay.

Tommy calls the psychic in to finish up some paperwork on the case, but while she’s there, he asks about Lindy’s sister Sarah. She can’t tell him where she is, but she knows she’s alive. She also tells him that Lindy might be the one he’s been looking for. “Anyone half awake can see how much you care about that girl.”

The episode ends with Tommy accepting that Lindy will be working with him for awhile. He’s the cop and she’s the source.


  • I love the editing of this show. I find it so cool what they can do when Lindy’s doing her research. It’d be boring to just have her typing away at her computer with no idea what she’s doing, but their use of graphics is very appealing to look at. Especially when they place Lindy directly into the action.
  • I also really enjoy this whole good cop/bad cop thing they’ve got going on with Tommy and Lindy. It’s sort of a trope with the older guy being more cynical and not wanting Lindy to get involved in all of this, but I like that his feelings for her have been really evident ever since he called her “beautiful“. Hopefully Lindy’s stalker serial killer doesn’t notice this because then Tommy’s pretty much screwed.
  • Don’t worry Tommy, I’m also bad at maps.
  • They’re really driving in Tommy/Lindy. The scene where they’re staring at each other on the ship was at least 20 seconds long, which is 1 minute in TV time, right?