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‘Castle’ Season 7 Episode 14 Recap: “Resurrection”

castle resurrection

It’s that time of year again for another one of Castle’s infamous two-part episodes. And just like any intense drama situation, it all starts out so innocently.

First, the opening, which is typical fare for Castle — showing the victim being murdered, which sets up the case of the week.

However, fans have to know something is different by the way the Castle family, yes I said Castle family which includes Kate Beckett, reacts in the opening home-life scene. Martha is off to rehearsals; she got the part Castle urged her to try out for after his little trip to an alternate universe. After teasing Castle about where she is going, Alexis says she is headed for the library and gives her father a peck on the check and then turns and kisses Beckett on the cheek as well.

Beckett and Castle are just as shocked as the audience. Castle asks when that started and she said just now. Beckett tells him, as she has done before, Castle raised a great person. This opens up an amazing collection of dialogue by our favorite married couple.

Castle: “You say that now, you weren’t here for the beginning.”

Beckett: “And next time I will be.”

Castle: “Next time? Are you saying you are thinking about…?”

Beckett: “Yeah, about it. About my job, about whether we’re ready? If there is ever a right time?”

Castle: “There never is. But there never is a wrong time either.”

Then Beckett’s phone rings interrupting their conversation and she mutters “except maybe now.”

If that isn’t foreshadowing to Kate Beckett being pregnant, all my college English teachers totally mislead me in the art of foreshadowing in a story.

So, the case of the week seems simple, as simple as a murder can be. A woman is found murdered in an alley in her night gown. The way the victim was murdered, strangled, seems to worry medical examiner Lanie Parrish.

Also, as Beckett, Ryan and Esposito begin to peel away the layers of the victim’s life they find some eerie similarities to a previous case. Her fingerprints say she is Susan Watts but she has the face of someone else. This harkens back to the case last season when victims were found who looked like Lanie and Esposito. Lanie brings this up and they begin to compare this case with the previous ones .

Following Watts’ life leads Beckett and the gang to an organization that gives a fresh start to women in trouble. This leads to Dr. Kelly Neiman, whom they believed was linked to Jerry Tyson aka 3XK, who is giving money to the foundation.

With Neiman and 3XK in the mix for the murder, Beckett goes to Captain Gates and asks for Castle to be brought in on the case to consult. After talking with the DA, Gates says Castle is allowed back in the precinct for just this case.

Neiman is back in New York and Beckett confronts her but she shuts down Beckett’s questioning about the murder victim. The creepy dialogue between Neiman and Beckett is disconcerting as she again calls attention to Beckett’s looks and also saying she could do just a touch-up to make her perfect.

Using traffic camera footage, the group finds evidence the victim was in Newiman’s office but the shocking turn is it is after Watts’ has died and who is picking her up — it’s Jerry Tyson, 3XK. Or is it?

They find out the woman in the footage is Amy Barrett. Castle begins to believe Neiman is creating victims for 3XK, blonde and pretty. Getting an address off the vehicle’s plates, they had to the apartment of a man named Michael Beuadroy except when they raid the apartment they find 3XK, but again do they?

Castle and Beckett interview whom they believe is Jerry Tyson. He acts all innocent and claims he had a bit of surgery done on his face and he just happens to look like Tyson. The kicker is they can’t verify if he is 3XK or not because all DNA evidence was lost when it was checked out by one of the dopplegangers of Lanie and Esposito from last season.

Determined this is 3XK, Castle and Beckett are together and on the case. They even track down Tyson’s mother, believing they could DNA from her to match. Only thing, the woman was his step-mother. They do find a baby tooth in some of his old belongings and believe they can use it to prove who he is.

Meanwhile Beckett tries to reach out to Amy Barrett telling her she is danger. Barrett brushes her off and says she knows Michael Beaudroy and he isn’t a killer. Beckett gives the woman her card and tells her to call her if she needs to.

Beckett gets a call from Amy Barrett who says she is starting to believe what Beckett said and would like to meet. Beckett tells Castle to stay at the precinct — him coming might spook the woman. So, Beckett goes alone and the audience just knows this is a bad idea.

As they wait on the DNA testing to come back Castle tries to rattle the would be Tyson — bringing in parts of the man’s history of his childhood. The man doesn’t crack.

DNA testing confirms the baby tooth does not match the man they have in custody, whom they believe is 3XK. He leaves the precinct with Neiman who has been waiting on him.

As Castle pieces the puzzle together he realizes the would be Tyson and Neiman wanted to be at the precinct at that precise moment. Fear shades Castle’s face as he tries to call Beckett.

Beckett answers her phone but it isn’t Castle. It is just music playing the song “We’ll Meet Again,” — the song playing at the end of last season’s episode after their run in with Neiman.

Face filled with horror, Beckett barely has time to process it before she is stuck with a needle and collapses into an awaiting wheel chair and taken to parts unknown.

Castle rushes to the elevator as Neiman and the supposed 3XK are leaving. He watches as Neiman answers the phone. Castle doesn’t hear someone on the other line of the call with Neiman say “it’s done.” He just sees the doors close as they leave the precinct.

So, Beckett has been kidnapped and the finale next week will have Castle and the 12th precinct looking for her. Let the hand-wringing begin.

A side note that may or may not mean anything: The person on the other end of the line telling Neiman it’s done sounded a lot like Beckett.