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‘Castle’ Season 7 Episode 13 Recap: “I, Witness”

castle i witness

This week’s case of the week is actually a case for Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion), Private Investigator. Wanting the saucy intriguing cases, Castle winds up doing a bread and butter P.I. case to prove a wife’s husband is cheating. Why did he take a mundane case? The wife is a former classmate and he felt compelled to take it on.

Before Castle takes the case, the audience gets a nice domestic moment with Castle and Kate Beckett (Stana Katic). With Gates on vacation, Beckett is working from home so she can be with her husband. Yes, Beckett finally called Castle her husband. Katic did a really nice job dragging out the word husband in an endearing case.

As for Castle’s case, he proves the husband is cheating and tells the wife. She asks him to bring by the photos he has taken to her home. After agreeing to meet Beckett for dinner later, Castle goes off to deliver the pictures.

When Castle arrives at the client’s house, he witnesses what appears to be her husband murdering her. Castle follows the person, who puts the woman’s body into a car, to a wooded area. As he is following, the supposed murderer knocks him out.

When Castle wakes, he walks to where there is a cell signal to call a worried Beckett.

So, the case begins. Castle is convinced the husband murdered his friend/client and Beckett agrees to help him — must be a slow day at the 12th.

Castle incorporates some Hitchcockian theories in the case and finally talks himself to believing the wife isn’t dead. She has cooked up an elaborate scheme to make it look like her husband killed her. Think a very tame Gone Girl scenario. That is, until another plot twist is introduced.

As the case unfolds the evidence slowly builds against the husband, including finding out he was married before and his wife died mysteriously. They try to lean on the mistress, who backs him up when she believes the wife is still alive. She recants his alibi when they find the wife dead in the Hudson river.

Fibers under the finger nails link the husband to the murder and Beckett and company go to arrest him only to find the man has hanged himself.

Case closed right? Not in Castle’s mind. He keeps playing the scenarios in his mind and even wakes a sleeping Beckett with his theories and worries.

In the end, Castle is right. All is not what it seems. In a huge moment of character development, Esposito and Ryan ask Beckett if she believes Castle is on to something. She answers Castle has been right many times before so they pursue the leads.

In the end the killer is the lawyer who worked for the husband. She at first worked with the wife to set him up but when the wife got cold feet about going through with the plan she killed her. She then killed the husband because she believed hi killed his first wife – who was a good friend of hers.

What I find ironic about this Castle, PI arch is Castle and Beckett has spent more time together since he has been banished from the 12th. There is plenty of domestic home time as well as in Castle’s office. They are sweet, sexy and flirty. Oh, and it is endearing how supportive Beckett is of Castle being a PI. Even when he was doubting himself, about continuing, she encourages him to sleep on it.

The “B” story was Ryan (Seamus Dever) trying to set up Esposito (Jon Huertas) on a blind date – his motive is that they had bought a couple’s weekend ski trip and now Esposito is single after breaking up with Lanie. Esposito is not happy when he discovers his blind date is actually a match from a dating site Ryan set him up on. In the end, Esposito does check out the site and gets a date with a girl named Trixie – who may or may not be a stripper. He then tells Ryan that she is the one he is taking on the ski trip, even though Ryan had discarded her when managing his profile.