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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 2 Episode 16: “The Wednesday Incident”

brooklyn nine nine wednesday incident

Jake (Andy Samberg) has been tracking a club owner named “The Dragon” and is dismayed when the organized crime unit takes over. And Holt (Andre Braugher) is only too willing to hand over the case. He then berates the squad for their desks looking messy. He even cancels overtime for the month.

The squad meets up to talk about Holt’s bad mood. Terry (Terry Crews) reminds Jake of “The Wednesday Incident” where Jake popped open a bottle of sparkling apple cider in Holt’s office and the cork set off the room’s sprinklers, dousing everything in Holt’s office — including a paper crane that his husband Kevin (Marc Evan Jackson) made for him — in water.

But Jake is convinced that he’s not the one responsible for Holt’s bad mood, and he’s intent on getting to the bottom of it.

Meanwhile, Boyle (Joe Lo Truglio) thinks he’s caught the bank robber he’s been searching for. It turns out to be a very old man (Garry Marshall), and Amy (Melissa Fumero) doesn’t think it could possibly be him. In fact, she thinks he’s just an adorable, sweet old man. But when it’s just the two of them alone together, the man admits to Boyle that he robbed those banks because he likes to “get off” on violence. Oh, boy.

Jake confronts Holt about his bad mood, but Holy remains very tight-lipped. So Jake goes to Gina (Chelsea Peretti), of all people. He wants to talk to Kevin about Holt, but since Kevin doesn’t like detectives, he wants to bring Gina — a non-detective — along. Gina only agrees because of a promise she made to Jake a long time ago that she would “owe” him one.

Together, they arrive at Kevin’s home to talk about Holt. Jake explains how Holt was already in a bad mood when he got to work, before the sprinkler incident. Kevin also says that Holt was in a great mood when he left for work that same morning. “In fact, he was still chuckling about the previous night’s Charlie Rose.”

Jake wants to investigate what happened to Holt in the three hours it took for him to get to work. Thanks to Gina, Kevin reluctantly agrees.

brooklyn nine nine boyle terry

In the interrogation room, Boyle’s perp keeps up his nice guy act in front of Amy. Boyle makes an impassioned speech to Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) in the other room about being a good cop and being determined to make his perp confess to his crimes on camera. And then the perp… dies.

Kevin, Jake, and Gina visit all the places Holt went to on Wednesday morning: his breakfast place, his painting class, and his fencing class. When they find out he hasn’t been to his fencing class for the past few weeks, Kevin gets upsets and walks out. It turns out Holt has been lying to him about going to fencing class. Kevin says the investigation is over and he has to sort this out with Holy back at home, and he goes back to calling Gina by her last name — much to her dismay.

Wanting to fix the situation, Jake and Gina continue their investigation on what happened to Holt on Wednesday.

Jake visits Kevin when he thinks he finally figured out happened to Holt to put him in a bad mood. A security camera shows three guys cornering Holt into an alleyway and Jake thinks Holt is embarrassed about being mugged. Holt shows up and reveals that those men attempted to mug him, but he fought them off. In the process, he got “lightly” stabbed, and that’s why he hasn’t been going to fencing — he’s injured. Naturally, Kevin is upset that Holt kept this from him. Jake takes some heat for interfering in Holt’s personal life.

Back at the precinct, Amy and Rosa apologize to Boyle for not believing him about his perp. Amy found out from the money the old man gave her that he was, in fact, the bank robber.

Things are awkward between Jake and Holt the next day. But Jake figures out a way to make it up to Holt in the most professional manner possible. He found out the identity of one of the men who tried to mug Holt, and Holt is actually pretty grateful to Jake. He admits that he was mostly angry at himself for taking an unnecessary risk and getting himself stabbed — and feeling frustrated about lying to Kevin about everything — and so he took it out on the squad.

With Holt’s mood lifted, the squad gets their overtime back and Kevin goes back to being on a first name basis with Gina.


  • Boyle calls out Jake’s type being “Latina ladies”.
  • “What’s wrong with pictures?” “If you love someone, you’ll remember what they look like.”
  • Holt’s good mood food is room temperature water and one hard-boiled egg yolk.
  • Holt’s painting class consists of drawing a portrait of the same rock over and over again. Jake and Gina receive two of his drawings as gifts from Kevin at the end of the episode.
  • Poor Terry attempts to make the office as peaceful and Holt-friendly as possible. That includes putting out small fires and winning a dance-off.
  • Garry Marshall was a joy to watch as the “nice” but secretly sociopathic geriatric bank robber.