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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 3 Episode 12 Recap: “Stanford”

mindy project stanford

The last time we left Mindy and Danny was before the holidays when Mindy got the news that she’d be going to Stanford to pursue her fellowship. After Danny attempts to get her to not go, he fixes his actions and comes to terms with the fact that she’ll be gone for several months. This episode starts right off where that episode left off with Danny helping Mindy unpack at her dorm.

She even gets a little party invitation on her first day there. When she arrives at the room where the bash is supposed to be held, she’s surprised to find the entire lecture hall is filled with students in lab coats while she is wearing a bright pink party dress. Way to pull an Elle Woods’ move, Mindy, as the teacher is quick to point out. She misread the poster. BASH is an acronym for Beginning of Academic Scholarship Hangout.

Danny knows and is friends with the doctor who called Mindy out and offers to call him and put in a good word, but she refuses. She wants to fix this on her own. She apologizes to Dr. Gurglar, but it doesn’t go as well as she’d hoped, so she kind of drops in the fact that she’s dating Danny. This catches Gurglar’s attention so much that he offers to go on a double date with them that night.

Danny was at the airport waiting for his flight when he gets the call from Mindy to stay an extra day. He calls to tell Morgan he won’t be able to make it to the Schulman and Associates office basketball game. Tamra and Morgan are able to convince Peter to join in his place. As they practice, Tamra’s still very into Morgan so she’s shocked to see and meet Jessica, his new friend-with-benefits. Tamra’s so angry, she quits the team.

The double date seems to be going well, especially for Danny when after his confession that he’s going to miss Mindy a lot when she’s gone, he thinks Mindy’s playing footsie with him when it’s really Barbara, Bob Gurglar’s wife. She ends up really pushing him to the edge as she moves her foot farther up as Rob and Mindy are completely oblivious as to what’s happening. Rob picks Mindy to assist him in a procedure tomorrow.

After the date, he thanks Mindy for her fancy footwork under the table, but when she tells him it wasn’t her, they realize it was Barbara. They discuss it more at her dorm, but Mindy doesn’t want to tell Bob because it might ruin her fellowship, she also tells Danny that she’s had the sneaking suspicion that he didn’t think she could do this on her own. He admits that she’s right, but he also accuses her of not believing in herself. He starts packing for the next flight out of Palo Alto.

Meanwhile, the basketball game between Morgan’s Best Friends and Morgan’s Worst Nightmare, Tamra’s team, is going horribly for Morgan. They’ve enlisted Jeremy to help them, but he has no idea how to play. During a time-out, Peter pulls Tamra aside to talk to her and she admits that she’s in love with Morgan and she can’t stand watching him with Jessica. During the last few seconds of the game, Tamra lets Morgan take his shot and he makes it. She’s happy to see him so happy, but she’s also pleased when her teammate T.J., Mindy’s know-it-all intern, asks her out on a date.

The next morning, Mindy confesses to Dr. Gurglar that his wife’s foot basically had sex with Danny. He bursts into tears as he starts driving away in his bike-like contraption when he gets hit by a small security car. As Mindy’s stitching him up after, she tells him she just wants to “work really hard and be treated like everyone else.” Dr. Gurglar realizes that he won’t make it in time for his surgery that morning, so he chooses Mindy to cover for him. When Mindy gets to the operating room, she tells the rest of the students what happened, but that instead of doing the surgery, Neepa should take over.

When Mindy gets back to the dorm, she’s surprised to find Danny sitting on her bed. He came back because he didn’t want their last conversation together to be a fight. Through this whole ordeal, Mindy realized that although she wants Danny to be there with her, she doesn’t need him to. She can and will be able to do this on her own.

Memorable Quotes

  • “I actually don’t speak any Indian languages, but I do know how to do a kind of offensive Indian accent.” – Mindy
  • “You own 40 dogs and you think one of them might be like Air Bud, but no.” – Morgan
  • “We don’t have children!” “We have a rabbit and that’s harder because it can’t tell you what it wants.” – Rob and Barbara Gurglar
  • “Hello, I’d like to order 11 cheeseburgers.” – Mindy
  • “I know you think I’m this spoiled brat with an ass that’s all that, but I’m not. I’m smart. Hence that cool rhyme!” – Mindy