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‘Shameless’ Season 5 Episode 3 Recap: “The Two Lisas”

shameless the two lisas

Frank (William H. Macy) is really taking his marketing of his beer seriously. He brings his Milk of the Gods to the Alibi, and finds success with the patrons. One guy asks for 6 cases to bring to a war veterans’ event, which at first makes Frank nervous. He intends to deliver it nonetheless and goes back home to begin making a new batch at once. While Frank is brewing more beer, Sheila (Joan Cusack) joins him in the basement with his medicine and begins telling Frank about her desire to travel. She’s still intent on selling the house and buying an RV to see the world and he is still stubborn about not giving in to the gentrification of the neighborhood. Sheila eventually puts her foot down, threatening to explore the world herself, and storms out of the basement.

Later that day, Frank talks to Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) and asks him if he can help him to “terrorize the gays” and get them out of the neighborhood. It’s a tad bit ironic that Frank is against this so-called gentrification but is too busy to resist it himself because he is running “a top-notch brewery.” I guess he is the original hipster, believe it or not, wanting to make his impossibly strong beer world-class. While searching for more equipment for his brewery, Frank ends up bartering his daughter Sammi (Emily Bergl) to a man he was trying to steal a giant tank from.

Frank comes home later that day (lugging said giant tank on his back) to Sheila showing the house to one of the lesbians trying to buy her home. Frank and Sheila get in an argument about selling the house, and Frank gives her a heartfelt explanation about why he doesn’t want to leave the neighborhood. He explains that he’s too weak from his surgery, and shockingly enough, explains that he really does care about the family he has in the neighborhood and doesn’t want to leave them. Yet, after all of this, Sheila is still upset that Frank doesn’t love her enough to want to leave with her.

Later on, while Sheila is test-driving an RV, Frank tells Sheila that he wants to renew their vows (he was unconscious on his wedding day) and suggests that instead of moving away for good, the two of them could go on vacations to satisfy Sheila’s wanderlust. Sheila forgives Frank and agrees to not buy the RV and the two end on a happy note… for now.

This is yet another episode where Fiona (Emmy Rossum) gets bombarded with potential dates. Angela (Dichen Lachman) is back at Patsy’s Pies and this time asks Fiona out to dinner, who turns Angela down. However, Angela won’t give up on her and, before leaving the restaurant, hands Fiona another $100 bill in an effort to persuade her. Later during Fiona’s shift, Davis (Axle Whitehead) asks her out to a jazz concert, which Fiona accepts and looks forward to. Back at home, Carl tells her about Frank’s plan (“Operation Dykes-Be-Gone”), and Fiona is perplexed as to why Frank is so against the improvements going on around the neighborhood. She has her siblings’ best interests in mind and sees that the changes Frank is so opposed to are actually going to make their lives safer and better in the long run. She finds out that Debbie (Emma Kenney) is throwing a party at the house without Fiona’s consent, and after a brief argument about needing a chaperone for the party, Fiona relents and tells Debbie she trusts her to make good decisions. Debbie shrugs this off, concerning Fiona and making her feel like the party is a bad idea.

Nevertheless, Fiona doesn’t stay to chaperone Debbie’s party and joins Davis at the concert, where she accidentally meets Davis’s live-in girlfriend, Gigi (Mia Serafino), who has shown up uninvited and unaware that Davis intends to cheat on her. Fiona then has to spend the night pretending she is Gus’s (Davis’s bandmate, played by Steve Kazee) girlfriend, which upsets her. After the concert, Fiona gets asked out yet again by Gus, who actually enjoyed pretending to date Fiona for the night. Fiona feels bad and agrees to meet him for coffee the next day, and after their date, she ends up falling for him after all.

Carl is invited to a party, which makes Debbie jealous and she asks why she wasn’t invited. Carl responds that she wasn’t invited because she is a virgin. Debbie gets upset and demands why it’s such a bigger deal when a girl loses her virginity than a boy. She is so affected by her jealousy that she decides to throw her own party. She goes to Sheila’s house to find Frank’s beer, and Sheila gives her the box (without the thought that she may be blatantly supporting underage drinking) that Frank was planning on using for the veterans’ event.

Debbie later hands out flyers for her party to the older kids at the local pool, leaving her friends out on purpose to make them jealous. She even invites her ex-boyfriend, Matty (James Allen McCune), to the party. He brings his friends that night and ends up having too much of Frank’s beer to drink, which causes him to black out. He finds out the next morning that he had sex with Debbie and panics.

He tells her that she pretty much raped him and says he never wants to talk to her again. Debbie is upset and confused. What should have been the best night of her life actually ended up being the worst. Debbie confides in Fiona about losing her virginity, and Fiona is understanding. Instead of reprimanding her, she comforts Debbie by holding her hand as they sit in the yard in silence.

Ian and Mickey
Mickey (Noel Fisher) comes home to find his furniture on the lawn. Ian (Cameron Monaghan) has gone trailer-trash crazy and has thrown all of Mickey’s things out on a cleaning rampage. Mickey informs Ian that the “Rub and Tub” that Kev was running above the Alibi has closed down. Ian becomes worried and demands what they’re going to do for money. Mickey apparently could care less, and suggests that they just sell some things (like the crap on the lawn).

Meanwhile, Mandy (Emma Greenwell) and her abusive boyfriend, Kenyatta (Sheldon Bailey), are arguing. Even though Mandy had been screaming about not wanting to move to Indiana, she eventually gives in and agrees to move because she thinks she isn’t worth anything. Ian objects to her decision and worries about her, but Mickey once again is nonchalant even though this involves the welfare of his younger sister.

shameless veronica

Veronica and Kevin
V (Shanola Hampton) comes home from work and her mom (Vanessa Bell Calloway) and Kev (Steve Howey) ask excitedly about how much breast milk she’s been able to pump, which is not much. This sparks a conversation about buying breast milk online (according to Dr. Oz, you can). V gets the idea to turn the upstairs of their house into “a breast milk sweatshop” to sell online to make up for the loss of the Rub and Tub. This idea is preposterous to Kev, and it angers him that V is more caught up in pumping other women’s breast milk for other peoples’ kids, but not her own for their daughters.

Okay, even though she has been one of the most irritating characters and I have always sympathized with Sheila, I’m actually starting to feel bad for her. Sammi confides in Frank that she is depressed because Sheila hates her and she has no one to talk to, and says she needs a break from being promiscuous (a “penis break”). She actually begins to realize that her lifestyle isn’t doing any good for her or her son, but Frank tells her about the man he had bartered the brewery tank from and describes him as a nice man that she can have a long term relationship with (even though that man told Frank he wasn’t ready for a long-term relationship because he recently lost his wife). Sammi agrees to meet the man and is excited for the date, thinking she might finally meet someone who is good for her.

As Lip (Jeremy Allen White) is helping Carl tear up the neighborhood in an attempt to drive away the new crowd, Ian tells him that Mandy is moving with Kenyatta to Indiana. Lip is shocked to learn about this and tells Ian he’ll talk to her. Lip ends up hooking up with Mandy, but in the middle of their encounter, he tells her all the positive things he thinks about her in an attempt to make her feel important and reconsider moving. But Mandy, thinking that she is just another hook-up for Lip, asks him what he thinks of them being together, and also asks about Lip’s girlfriend, Amanda. Even though Lip is dating Amanda, it doesn’t stop the two from being together, and while the two have sex, Mandy blurts out that she loves him; Lip doesn’t respond. He leaves Mandy hoping he had changed Mandy’s mind. Unfortunately, none of this seemed to have had any effect on her, and Lip finds out the next day that she has left to Indiana with Kenyatta.

Frank is in the basement working on the batch that the man at the Alibi requested when Sammi and the man he set her up with enter his workshop. Sammi confronts Frank about the agreement and begins to hit him while Sheila tries to stop her. The three then exit the basement and continue fighting on Sheila’s front lawn. Frank tells the two women exactly what he thinks of them, and it’s not very nice. When he is finished expressing his true feelings, he demands for a moment of peace. The exact opposite happens: the whole house explodes (thanks to Frank leaving the “brewery” unattended). The RV salesman arrives just as the house explodes and he steps out to stare at the burning house in awe. Sheila, now pissed at Frank, takes advantage of this distraction and hijacks the RV. The last scene is of the day after the fire and shows the lesbian couple (Lisa and Lisa) standing before the wreckage of Sheila’s house, high-fiving each other for getting to save money on demolition.

I guess that guy is never going to get his 6 cases of beer. And I’m not sure where what Frank is going to do now that Sheila’s house is destroyed and his makeshift brewery is gone. Debbie has now discovered that losing your virginity doesn’t always have a happy ending, and we can safely assume Matty isn’t coming back. Ian was normal enough in this episode (save the cleaning rampage) but then again he didn’t get much screentime. Mickey still gives zero fucks, and feels like he can’t do anything about his sister’s move to Indiana with a guy he hates. I wonder how this is going to affect Lip and if Mandy will come back.

I’m not expecting V’s “breast milk sweatshop” to last long, and hopefully Kev and V can sort out their misunderstandings soon. Davis is officially a scumbag and I take back everything I said about him in the Episode 1 recap. Gus is now an (adorable) new guy in Fiona’s life, so let’s see how long he lasts. Sean doesn’t even make an appearance in this episode, and I wonder if Fiona is still hung up on him. I want to see how this gentrification thing pans out and if it’s really as bad as Frank thinks it is. Let’s see if Fiona is right and if the Gallaghers will actually benefit from the change. Until next week, then.