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‘Reign’ Season 2 Episode 12 Recap: “Banished”

reign banished

Deadly secrets were revealed and death came to the castle on this week’s episode of Reign, “Banished.”

The continuing mystery of what happened to Catherine’s infant twins is finally investigated once Claude (Rose Williams) asks Bash (Torrance Coombs) for help in unveiling the truth. Bash’s investigation reveals the girls’ nanny was to blame for their death; she had abandoned them for hours while having a tryst with King Henry. When the nanny returned, the girls had frozen to death due to an open window – so she placed the flowers in their mouths, getting them from one of Claude’s dresses, to make it look like the young Claude was responsible.

Catherine (Megan Follows), still having visions of Henry (Alan Van Sprang) and her dead daughters, almost freezes to death while imagining a romantic moment with Henry in the bitter cold outside. Bash finds her and brings her back to the castle. He tells her what he’s found out about the deaths, and Catherine finally realizes she had hallucinated Henry and her daughters to absolve her of her guilt.

During the conversation, Catherine tells Bash about old family secrets – Henry’s philandering ways, how he made promises to Bash’s mother, Diane, pledging his fidelity to her but still finding his way back into Catherine’s bed and anyone else he could coerce. This admittance causes Bash to pause.

After confronting Diane (Anna Walton) about all of this, he realizes that Diane was the one who had opened the window to the infant twins’ room and she was responsible for their deaths. Enraged, Bash rescinds his offer to give his mother land and a title. He banishes her and says he never wants to see her again.

Diane has one more ace up her sleeve, however, when she dooms Bash and Kenna’s growing relationship by telling him that it was Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) who told Catherine about Diane going to talk to the Pope to legitimize his then claim to the throne.

Bash isn’t happy when he confronts Kenna with this information, which she doesn’t deny.

Catherine puts the dots together and comes to the same conclusion as Bash regarding Diane’s hand in her twin daughters’ death. Catherine bashes her head in with a shovel and then chokes her to death.


  • Francis (Toby Regbo) doesn’t like how close Mary (Adelaide Kane) and Conde (Sean Teale) have gotten, which prompts Francis and Conde to participate in a fight with staffs.
  • When Greer’s husband’s ledger reveals that he gave money to the Protestants, Greer’s (Celina Sinden) title, land and money are stripped away and she is asked to leave the castle.
  • Francis informs Mary that her closeness to Conde will start rumors. When they have children, he wants to make sure their paternity isn’t questioned.
  • Mary urges Lola (Anna Popplewell) to open up to the idea of a match with Conde.
  • Mary and Francis are slowly trying to find their way back to each other as she finally agrees to let him sleep in the same room as her.