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‘Jane The Virgin’ Recap: “Chapter Eleven”

jane the virgin chapter 11

This week on Jane The Virgin, ambition and jealousy threaten to ruin everything.

Jane’s offered a full time teaching position at her Catholic middle school — the very one that’s pimping her out as an advertisement for their religion — but before she can tell her father, Rogelio offers her something better: a writing internship at his telenovela, The Passions of Santos. And yes, please imagine that title flowing in beautiful cursive.

At first, Jane decides to do them both. She’ll waitress, intern and teach. While being pregnant, dealing with her family and seeing her boyfriend.

Yeah, even the narrator knows that this is a bad idea.

At first Jane refuses to make a choice because of how she wants to avoid conflict with Rogelio, but it soon becomes clear that she really wants the writing job, even more so than the stable teaching position. But obviously, she can’t do it all. And what happens when she tries is nearly disastrous. Jane falls asleep at the wheel and crashes into the back of a car. It’s nothing more than a bump, but Xiomara and Rafael’s concern sees the Villanueva family back at the hospital, and joining her, is Michael.

After following Rafael — who’s on the hunt for anything that links his father to the construction of the hidden rooms below their hotel — Michael gets beaten up when he sneaks in after him, checking the phone number that the contractor called after he scared Rafael off. He’s stuck in hospital with bruised ribs and a beaten face, trying to pull off the lie that he’s not chasing Rafael out of jealousy or for any Jane-related reasons.

And he seems convincing, until Jane herself appears in his hospital room, still written down as his emergency contact. It’s sad, seeing him in that room with no one to visit bar his work-partner and his ex-fiance, especially when you compare it to just how many people Jane has in her life that care about her. But Jane made her choice — Rafael and not him — and for now at least, he has to accept that. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’ll be able to do that by throwing himself into his work, not after Nadine makes the call to their superior about Michael’s unsupported actions after seeing him looking at Jane the way that he did.

Michael’s in trouble and he’s not the only one. Rogelio’s job and role of Santos- something that we’ve never questioned the security of before now, probably because of Rogelio’s incredible self-confidence- looks like it’s about to be challenged. His assistant and aspiring actor is sleeping with the head writer, and they both pushed Jane to accept the writing job not because of her talent, but instead because they want Rogelio to remain in the dark about the changes that we can presume they’re planning. It looks like there’s a coup coming on The Passions of Santos, and not onscreen.

Something that’s set to affect Jane, who makes up her mind by the end of the episode on what job she wants to take. It’s riskier, and it hasn’t been given to her for the right reasons, but her heart- and her baby, kicking in her stomach- are both pushing her towards the writing gig. Something that seems a little ironic for Xiomara to support, after she refuted Rafael’s suggestion that he would pay to support Jane over an awkward family dinner that they shared, but hey. She’s got a soft spot for Rogelio, I suppose. (A well earned one, after he lets Xiomara know that it doesn’t matter to him that she’s taken a vow of chastity, because he’s willing to wait for her. As long as there is, you know, an end-date in sight somewhere.)

So we’re left, at the end of the episode, with a sense of foreboding doom. But in a fun way, of course. Michael, Rogelio and Jane are all in trouble, and so is Petra after accepting Lachlan’s help. He promises to help her hide away from Milos, only to place yellow tulips in her room, the sign that Milos himself uses to let Petra know that he’s coming.

I’m assuming that it’s just a mind game he’s playing here, but with Jane the Virgin, I guess you really never know. This show feels like a joyous, campy Gone Girl sometimes.

The only suggestion I have is that next time, Luisa should be invited to the family dinner. Or just more episodes in general. #BringBackLuisa.


  • “At this rate, you’d have to recap the recap, so let’s just dive in.” The narrator’s not wrong, there’s always so much to talk about after these episodes, you guys.
  • Milos is a really bad guy. He threw acid at Petra’s mom once, and forgot her birthday twice.
  • “To be fair, Jane never told Rafael not to offer any money. Only because she never thought he’d be so stupid.” Stupid, but caring. He won’t pretend to be something that he’s not for Xiomara, even if she won’t respect him for who he truly is.
  • Xiomara doesn’t think that people change fundamentally, and while I’m inclined to agree with her, I don’t think she got the full picture of Rafael from an event that occurred five years ago. I mean, has she judged Rogelio in the same way?
  • “Whatever’s going on with you and Rafael… It’s not going to last.” It’s getting a little tiring that we’re still playing the Rafael-is-wrong-for-you-Jane! game, but aw, Michael, I feel for ya, boo, I do.
  • “Teaching is… Well someone has to do it.” Colour me completely unsurprised that Rogelio holds this view.