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‘Community’ Season 6 Gets Release Date

March 17, 2015 will be the day Greendale Human Beings rejoice over the return of the once-cancelled and now-back-again Community.

At the Television Critics Association, it was announced that Community will have 2 new episodes air on Yahoo! Screen on Tuesday, March 17 and then will air 1 new episode every Tuesday after that. The video promo shows cast members, including new cast member Paget Brewster, “introducing themselves.”

Dan Harmon was also at the press tour and amidst the news that John Oliver and Jonathan Banks probably won’t be back again, he addressed Yvette Nicole Brown’s leaving and Chevy Chase’s claims that he’ll be back as Pierce. Shirley’s disappearance from the show will be addressed and as for Pierce returning, it’s still very secretive.

Although they probably won’t do an episode as elaborate as the previous paintball episodes, they do have a larger budget than the one they had with NBC. Because of this, they’ve hired a director of photography that’s made the show look “more cinematic.”

Harmon ended the announcement with:

My sixth-grade mentality about it is this show has lived by the sword of its intimate relationship with the fans, and needs to die by that sword. Only when people stop watching would I ever want to stop making the product.