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Celebrity Big Brother UK 2015 Season Premiere Recap

Gary Busey won the last Celebrity Big Brother so you anything is possible with this show.

celebrity big brother uk

Katie Hopkins
The first celebrity introduced is Katie Hopkins. Everything I know and have read about Katie Hopkins has shown her to be a despicable woman. She called North West “an ugly baby” and went on an anti-Muslim rant on Twitter. She’s basically a raging bitch on Twitter and an insufferable snob everywhere else, and it’s no wonder our lovely host, Emma Willis, calls her the wicked witch and the producers choose to put her that role right off the bat as part of their fairy tale-themed season.

This woman has made a career out of offending people, and she continues to play that role in the CBB house. In her VT, she talks about hating fat people and has a lot of scathing comments to make in the Diary Room about her fellow contestants.

Big Brother puts her in a secret room and tells her that she must pick the two least entertaining houseguests at the end of the night once everyone has been introduced.

patsy kensit

Patsy Kensit
I’ve never heard of her before, but apparently she was in Lethal Weapon II with Mel Gibson, which is probably the biggest thing she’s done in her career. A quick Google search shows she was once married to Liam Gallagher from Oasis. She says in her VT that her dad was in the mob and went to jail.

On stage, she comes across very personable and likable. She tells Emma that she has a girl crush on her. (I mean, who doesn’t?)

perez hilton

Perez Hilton
I’m surprised they didn’t save Perez Hilton for last. He describes himself as “fun, fabulous, and fearless.” Throughout this premiere, you see that Perez is playing the game very hard. He’s injecting himself in every conversation, offering people a glass of champagne, and basically acting like the host of a small dinner party. It’s clear he’s done a lot of research on the people entering the house.

ken morley

Ken Morley
An actor who was on Coronation Street. He says he has a temper, and the only fights he’s had have been with women and that’s why he only has one testicle… He’s doing Celebrity Big Brother for the money, which is a good a reason as any. Emma doesn’t talk to him for long because he’s busy looking for his son, who’s standing somewhere in the crowd. Katie Hopkins says he looks like he should be in a nursing home and has no idea what his agent got him into.

cbb cami li

Cami Li
She says she’s a “big deal” but — like with most of these people — I have no idea who she is. If her VT is any indication, she likes to swear. She’s an alternative tattoo model. She could be a source of drama in the house, which is always fun. She promises that she’ll be “cray”. She was engaged to a former CBB contestant, Kirk.

calum best

Calum Best
The son of North Irish footballer George Best, Calum Best once dated Lindsay Lohan. Calum is a model and a TV personality.

cbb alicia

Alicia Douvall
A glamour model who’s famous for hooking up with celebrities, including Simon Cowell, and then telling the press about it. She’s had a bunch of plastic surgery, including having her ribs shaved. It sounds absolutely insane. Going off of her interview with Emma, she seems really boring. Fun fact: She was once engaged to Dennis Rodman.

alexander o'neal

Alexander O’Neal
One of the biggest R&B singers of the ’80s. His big hit is “Criticize“. Katie thought he was two of the most boring houseguests, so he’s up for eviction.

nadia sawalha

Nadia Sawalha
A TV presenter and actress on EastEnders. She won Celebrity MasterChef. She’s very likable and she’s a huge Big Brother fan, which she says makes her informed. Emma calls her level-headed.

cbb jeremy jackson

Jeremy Jackson
Played David Hasselhoff’s son on Baywatch. His energy made me uncomfortable. He’s also got a very colorful past. He had a severe drug problem, including steroid addiction, while he was Baywatch and was arrested in a methamphetamine raid. He appeared in a sex tape, which was stolen from him. This guy seems like he’s going to be insane, and his outfit screamed ‘douchebag’.

cbb kavana

Kavana likes to go by “Kav”. A former boy band member who lost everything because of his drug problems. Besides the whole ecstasy thing, he seems pretty down to earth.

michelle visage

Michelle Visage
A judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

chloe goodman

Chloe Goodman
I think she’s the biggest nobody in this cast, which is saying something. Katie picks her as one of the least entertaining houseguests, so she’s automatically up for eviction.

keith chegwin

Keith Chegwin
He seems really good-natured, and Katie takes an immediate liking to him. She says he’s the best of the bunch that’s in the house. Before entering the house, we learn that Keith is a huge Celebrity Big Brother fan and has appeared on Bit On The Side.