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‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Recap: Katie Price Enters the House & First Eviction

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Katie & Alicia Argue In The Kitchen

  • Alicia confronts Katie about her saying she’s thick.
  • Alicia says Katie is the thick one.
  • Michelle says Alicia and Katie are like oil and water, and they will never get along.

Katie Shows Her Softer Side

  • Katie can’t handle compliments and she gets teary-eyed when Michelle, Chloe, and Cami offer some. She goes into the Diary Room and actually shows her vulnerable side.
  • She prides herself on being a strong person, and strong people don’t need compliments. So apparently she’s not that strong.

A House Divided

  • Alicia has completely fallen under Perez’s spell.
  • At dinner, she chooses to sit next to him and they gossip about Katie, including the fact that she had an affair with a married man (who’s now her husband).
  • Kavana warns Alicia about Perez, because he’s worried that he might be manipulating Alicia.
  • Alicia thinks Katie is the one manipulating people, specifically Cami and Chloe.
  • Alicia decides to tell Nadia and Perez about her conversation with Kavana.
  • Team Perez: Nadia & Alicia

Perez Causes Chaos In The Bedroom

  • When Chloe sees Perez dancing by himself in the backyard and calls him a “dickhead,” the bedroom erupts.
  • Perez knows exactly what he’s doing with his antics.
  • Nadia defends Perez.
  • Cami says that Alicia is being manipulated.
  • Nadia takes offense that Cami is implying that the only reason anyone would want to get to know Alicia is so they can manipulate her.
  • Alicia says Cami (“I’m a college educated woman!”) is the one being manipulated.
  • Cami, Chloe, Alicia, and Nadia are screaming at each other.
  • “Don’t talk about my family!” – Alicia
  • This scene is the highlight of the episode.

Michelle Breaks Down

  • Michelle goes in the Diary Room with Calum and says that Perez is representing the gay community very poorly.

Who Gets Evicted? Chloe

cbb chloe

Who’s The Surprise New Housemate? Katie Price

katie price

Katie Price (I guess you could say she’s Britain’s version of Kim Kardashian?) enters the house and she chooses Perez, Cami, and Nadia to go into the gilded cage to spend the night. She showers everyone with compliments and tells each of them that she can’t wait to get to know them.