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‘Castle’ Season 7 Episode 11 Recap: “Castle, P.I.”

castle p.i.

The fallout of Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) being banned from working with Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) is revealed in the January 12 episode entitled “Castle, P.I.”.

It seems Castle has been wallowing in a bit of despair as he has barely gotten out of his pajamas for the undetermined amount of time he has been banned. Castle’s mother Martha (Susan Sullivan) and Beckett even remark on his lack of dress to open the episode but Castle seems surprisingly upbeat after all of his wallowing. Castle tells Beckett he has a surprise for her so of course she is leery.

Two things to note in this very fun and domestic scene to open the episode: (1) the kiss on the cheek Martha gives Beckett as she walks in the kitchen (2) the way Martha and Beckett seem to have bonded. It really is nice to see and it gives a hope Martha will continue to grow into a surrogate type mother for Beckett.

The case of the week deals with a young woman who was shot and killed in her apartment. As Beckett, Esposito and Ryan investigate the crime scene they are aided by medical examiner Purlmutter  – it was nice to have him back. As they are investigating, Beckett is surprised to see Castle arrive and she reminds him he his banned from helping her from the DA.

This is when Castle unveils his big surprise to Beckett et al – he pulls out a sheet of paper revealing he has gotten his private investigator license. Beckett pulls him aside shocked by his big reveal reminding him they are married and married people share throwing up her left hand showing off her wedding band.

Having Purlmutter be the ME allows for some fun banter between Castle and him including Purlmutter trying to hide the body from Castle with his clipboard. Castle gets kicked out of the crime scene but that doesn’t stop him from investigating the case.

And so the investigation begins allowing for some fun and flirty banter between Castle and Beckett. Now, this is what the fans have been waiting for – the sexual tension and innuendo between Castle and Beckett even though they are married now.

As Castle and Beckett and her team go back and forth trying to put the clues together from opposite ends Castle and Beckett meet in the middle at an office. Beckett goes to an office building to meet a lawyer her murder victim, Shana Baker had been seeing, and is surprised to see the woman, Nicole Morris, with Castle.

For the second time that day Beckett is surprised to learn Castle has rented an office for his new PI business. After they both question Morris, the married duo do a bit of theory building that turns into a form of foreplay until Beckett puts the breaks on it reminding Castle they can’t work on the case together.

Again going their separate ways, Castle and Beckett both find out key pieces of information and decide to try and pry the information from each other.

When Castle arrives home Beckett has a very tall glass of wine waiting for her. As Beckett hands him a very large glass of wine, Castle tries to transfer some of the wine into Beckett’s glass they both try to get information from each other. When Castle suggests they both might be stuck in the case and trade information Beckett balks, setting up a great exchange of lines.

Castle: “What happened to that rebellious girl with the leather jacket and motorcycle? Would she say can’t?”

Beckett: “She enforces the law now and buys expensive wine.”

Castle comes back and plays the finding the killer for the innocent victim card and Beckett concedes. They both share information at the same time resulting in key pieces of information for each other which also leads to the couples own brand of foreplay and then to the bedroom.

The next morning Castle and Beckett are basking in the glow of their amorous night together and enjoying the chance they had together to share both on the professional and romantic level. However, Castle is upset when Ryan calls and Beckett hops out of bed and back on the case – she called Ryan about the lead Castle gave her in the wee hours of the morning during a break from her and Castle’s lovemaking and it kind of hurt’s Castle’s feelings.

At one point all the evidence seems to lead to a city prosecutor who the detectives believe at first wanted to kill the victim because she worked in admissions at a prestigious pre-school when his son didn’t get in. Then they find out his son did get in and the motive is gone but turn back to him again when it is revealed Shana was looking into her boyfriend from college’s murder and the prosecutor might have been involved.

The evidence stacks up against him when a cigarette butt found at the crime scene has his DNA on it. But Castle, always following the story, brings in the victim’s friend Jeremy who had been watching her dog Sparkles and brings him to the precinct. It is revealed the prosecutor is highly allergic to long-haired dogs and breaks out in hives – and since he showed up at an event not long after Shana was killed it can’t be him.

So, who is the killer? Well in what seemed to be an afterthought the killer turns out to be the lawyer Nicole Morris who is a lawyer at a high-price law firm. Someone hired her to killer Shana Baker and frame the well connected prosecutor. Why would a lawyer kill someone? What was the motive? That is never revealed and it is frustrating to see shoddy work put in for the case of the week – it seemed the Castle writing team sprinkled in some Castle and Beckett moments and forgot to write a solid case of the week.

But there were some great Castle and Beckett moments including the end scene when Castle asks Beckett if she minds if he sticks with the PI job for a while. Castle asking Beckett her opinion showed progress in the whole sharing as a married couple – and it was nice symmetry.

Beckett says she has a gift for Castle as her answer. When Castle opens it he pulls out a Sherlock Holmes’ hat and a spy glass. Castle is over the moon with the gift and they both decide to try out his new gift in the bedroom as they lean in to kiss.


  • Castle chasing Purlmutter in the morgue trying to find out clues
  • Castle building theory with Alexis, after doing it as a form of foreplay earlier in the episode with Beckett, is just creepy
  • Ryan coming up with crazy theories to make up for Castle being gone
  • The many times people reminded Beckett “you married him” referring to Castle
  • After a very amorous night with Castle, and gaining some of his knowledge on the case, Ryan asks where they are in regards to where Castle is in the case and Beckett replies “Oh, I think we are on top.”
  • Beckett arranging it so the killer meets her and Castle at Castle’s PI office so he can be a part of the arrest
  • Beckett being all flirty and sexy the morning after she and Castle enjoy a night of theory building and love making.