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‘Castle’ Season 7 Episode 11 “Castle, P.I.” Preview

When Castle returns on January 12th, its 11th episode of season 7, entitled “Castle, P.I.”, will have a different look. Though it doesn’t pick up right after episode 10, the audience still discovers the fallout of Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion) being banned from working at the 12th precinct with Kate Beckett (Stana Katic).

To prepare, here are 10 things to know about the upcoming episode:

  1. Castle has spent a lot of time in his pajamas during his time away from the 12th, and Beckett and Martha notice.
  2. Married people share and that is a lesson both Castle and Beckett are still learning.
  3. Castle informs Beckett that parents will do anything for their kids, adding the line, “you’ll see.”
  4. Beckett moves from calling Castle “babe” to “baby” – love the transition.
  5. Castle and Beckett really love theory building and they have missed “the foreplay” of it.
  6. “Rebel Becks” has turned into a rule follower who buys expensive wine.
  7. Castle really is a good detective and doesn’t need all the 12th precinct’s resources to follow a lead, but sometimes he needs Beckett.
  8. Ryan is trying to pick up the slack of finding a conspiracy in the case with Castle gone – he is baby Castle.
  9. Castle writer Rob Hanning penned this episode and though he gave some fun, flirty Castle and Beckett moments he really dropped the ball on the case of the week – no resolution, plot holes all over the place and it was irritating Beckett just let it go of the case at the end – catching the killer but finding no real motive.
  10. Beckett’s acceptance of Castle’s new role as a P.I. was endearing and her gift at the end was so cute – and it’s versatile – it can be used on a case and in the bedroom.

Bonus – Castle has a new office … Martha calling Beckett “babe” in the opening of the episode was sweet … Dr. Permutter returns as the M.E. on the case and it was a great choice, he really is a Castle hater but in a fun way – not a jerk way the way Esposito seems to be … And though a bit of theory building Castle did with Alexis is a flashback to early Castle episodes, it seems kind of creepy now since that kind of thing is foreplay for Castle and Beckett.

Check out a promo of the episode below: