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‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ Season 2 Episode 12 Recap: “Beach House”

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The precinct and its crew are back in this week’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine, but before we can get too far into any crimes, the Detectives (and Gina) are off to Boyle’s beach house for their yearly retreat weekend.

Terry’s got his fanny-pack and Amy is ready to get drunk (with Gina ready to watch), but then Jake screws everything up. He invites Captain Holt to their strictly Detectives-only weekend. Something that turns the party into more of an awkward work dinner than anything relaxing, complete with an 80-minute beach walk. In winter. Even three-drink Amy isn’t having fun.

So naturally, Jake organizes two parties: one above, where there is a rotation of staff for Holt to bore, and a second party downstairs, where the real fun can be held, and where Gina can finally witness the pinnacle of Amy’s drunkenness: the elusive sixth drink.

It all goes wrong, because of course it does. The crew get slack, with Holt wandering down to realize that, like his workmates back in the 80s, his squad have left him out of the fun, keeping him confined in a work-only capacity. But as Jake explains to him in Boyle’s hot-tub (no bubbles!), it’s not because they don’t like or respect him, but because this just isn’t the kind of weekend that you don’t want your boss around for. The crew are here to blow off steam (which Rosa does by enlisting Boyle to help her craft romantic texts to her boyfriend, Marcus, while Gina slips more and more drinks to Amy), and Holt’s plans for fun just aren’t, well, fun.

Jake’s the person that invited Holt and the one that then ostracized him, but he’s also the Detective that’s brave enough to find Holt and tell him why he’s been excluded. And how, with a little bit of adjustment, he doesn’t have to be. Captain Holt always has his guard up- just like Amy when she’s sober, and Rosa, at literally any and all times- but this weekend, they all lowered their shields. And when they did, they all got help.

It wasn’t the perfect work retreat, but it certainly was a fun return to the show. For us and the squad.

brooklyn nine nine beach house


  • “How untethered is vacation Terry from his wife?” “Very tethered.” Nice try, Gina.
  • “Rosa D. macking down with her boo on the street!” Oh Boyle. It’s great to see him and Rosa hanging out without any romantic intentions on Boyle’s part. They make a good pair.
  • “Thank-you Terry’s fanny! And thank you Poseiden! Great God of the SEA!” Gina’s quest was, undoubtedly, my favourite from the night. And of course sixth-drink Amy was sad. What else could come after overconfidence?
  • “I’m playing cwazy cupcakes, I’m hydrated as hell, and I’m listening to Cheryl Crowe. I got my own party going on.” I would like to join your party, Terry. It genuinely sounds perfect.