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What To Watch Tonight: ‘Peter Pan Live!’ Debuts On NBC, New ‘Reign’ Episode

peter pan live

Peter Pan Live!
8:00 pm on NBC

“The iconic tale of Peter Pan (Allison Williams), a boy who never wants to grow up.” Brian Williams’ daughter (a.k.a. that girl from Girls) is playing Peter Pan, with Christopher Walken doing his best Christopher-Walken-as-Captain-Hook impression. And they actually cast a Native American actress — Alanna Saunders — to play Tiger Lily, unlike the whitewashing we saw in the Pan trailer, Joe Wright’s new movie. Four for you, NBC. Now let’s hope the portrayal of Native Americans isn’t egregiously offensive like it was in the Disney version. Last year’s The Sound of Music Live! with Carrie Underwood was awful, but I think Peter Pan Live! will be marginally better.

8:00 pm on Fox

“The team investigates when the remains of a psychology professor is found dead.” This show is still on?

9:00 pm on The CW

“Bash and Francis formulate a daring plan; Mary has a radical proposal for Claude.” If you’re a history buff, that’s not why you should tune into Reign. Reign is about pretty people wearing pretty clothes and having sex with each other. There’s the occasional court intrigue and political machinations. Throw in a little blood sacrifice and possible supernatural elements. That basically sums up Reign.

10:00 pm on CBS

“A murderous thief seeks a rare map; Sherlock continues to interfere with Kitty’s personal life.” Season 3 of Elementary introduced Sherlock’s new protege, a British woman named Kitty (Ophelia Lovibond). She’s been an interesting source of conflict regarding Sherlock and Joan’s relationship, rather than an annoying one like Mycroft. Speaking of which, let’s hope we never see him again.

How To Get Away With Murder (Repeat)
10:00 pm on ABC

“A soccer mom is arrested by the FBI in connection to a murder.” Catch up with How To Get Away With Murder, the highest rated new fall show of the year. It has its pros and cons, but it’s worth checking out for yourself.