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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 3 Episode 10 Recap: “What About Peter?”

Although Mindy (Mindy Kaling) appreciates how much of a man’s man Danny (Chris Messina) is, sometimes she just needs to hang out with someone who’s a “pinch hitter,” someone who’s willing to go with her to Rihanna’s book signing. No one’s a better friend for this than Peter (Adam Pally). On one of the nights they’re set to hang out, Mindy waits for Peter while he’s changing in his apartment and gets the chance to meet his 3 roommates, Pube, Pubeless, and Bush. Apart from them being total frat boys, the apartment seems to be a college dorm room mess. None of these guys have realized the fact that they’re not in college anymore. They need to move on.

With Danny in preparation to rent out one of his apartments, he hires his contractor Ray to put up a Cornucopia tile in his apartment. Danny asks him how much it might cost to tear down the wall connecting his two apartments because he wants “a little more space down the road for family.” Could he possibly be thinking of settling down and starting a family with Mindy? Hopefully.

Meanwhile, Mindy comes across Peter in the hospital and they get to talking about his living situation. She doesn’t understand why he’s still living with his roommates seeing as how they’re “garbage from hell.” Peter tells her that it’s because no one wants to rent to him, which is when she gets the bright idea that Peter can move into one of Danny’s apartments. When she proposes the idea to him, he’s not too fond of it, but eventually gives in when he sees how desperate Peter is to live there. Danny also sets some ground rules. One of which is that Peter can’t go visiting Danny and Mindy in their apartment whenever he wants.

That night, Danny comes home to find Peter cooking in his kitchen with Mindy, but it’s because Mindy invited him. After they eat, Peter quickly tells him that he’s going to be sleeping on the floor of his apartment because his roommates tore his waterbed. Danny doesn’t seem to care too much, but Mindy takes sympathy on him and invites him to sleep on the couch.

The next day at the hospital, Lauren’s got to go on a trip to find and bring back her band-following sister, so she leaves her son in the hands of Jeremy (Ed Weeks). The only problem is, he’s not so great at taking care of kids. Morgan (Ike Barinholtz) comes to his rescue and relieves Jeremy of his duties so he can take a break, but as soon as Jeremy starts walking out, the baby says the name “Peter.” This inspires Jeremy to stay and get the baby to like him. The only thing that seems to make the baby laugh is when Jeremy gets hurt and hurts himself.

At night, Danny comes home once again to find someone in the shower who he believes to be Mindy. In an attempt to get “frisky,” he undresses and enters the shower only to find that it’s Peter and not Mindy. Danny grabbed his butt thinking it was Mindy because of his “womanly silhouette.” Mindy walks in on them fighting, but it’s settled when Danny tells Peter to stop entering their apartment unannounced.

Ray the Contractor comes by Danny’s apartment when he’s not home so he talks to Mindy instead. He mentions that he’s willing to tear down the wall between the two apartments in order to make room for, as Danny said, “family.” Mindy becomes ecstatic when she hears the news, thinking that Danny’s finally going to ask her to move in. She runs out and immediately evicts Peter from the apartment. “I’m so sorry Peter, but I’m like 200 years old. I gotta lock this down.”  Peter angrily agrees to leave, but not until next morning. He also calls Mindy a spinster and pathetic.

As Danny and Mindy are enjoying a nice night in, they overhear the sounds of a party happening next door. Peter’s “real friends” are holding him a going away party, but they’re also completely destroying the apartment. Mindy gets really angry with him, so angry that she accidentally blurts out, “You’re going to ruin this place before I even get a chance to move in!” Danny’s surprised to hear this, but Mindy tells him what Ray told her. Apparently she got it all wrong. Danny didn’t want to expand for their family, he wanted a place for his Ma to move in. The disappointment and embarrassment is evident on Mindy’s face and she walks out of the apartment. Before he can follow her, Danny witnesses Peter slip-n-slide right out through the apartment window.

Danny visits Peter at the hospital where they start talking about why Mindy acted the way she did. Say what you want about Peter, but he’s always the one talking some sense into Danny. “Dude, you read her diary. You know Mindy’s all in. So when you start talking about knocking down walls, she’s gonna think that you’re all in too…Go! Make things right with Diane…Sorry. I am legit concussed here.” Before Danny’s about to leave, Peter thanks him for visiting him because none of his other “friends” did. Danny also invites him to come by the apartment anytime he wants.

As for Jeremy and Morgan, they finally get the baby to sleep, but as Morgan’s walking out, his bag hits a bunch of things that clatter and fall to the floor. Jeremy’s forced to deal with the baby all over again by himself.

Danny finds Mindy cleaning up the apartment after the party and tells her that if she really wants to move in, then he’s going to give it a try. She doesn’t want to force it until he’s absolutely ready. “I just want to be with someone who’s as excited and certain as I am about our future…Honestly, I’m going to be fine no matter what happens.” She tells him he should ask her to move in with him when he’s not nervous and he truly wants to.

It seems like more and more of the episodes are ending with some sort of open-ended resolution in the Danny and Mindy relationship. Mindy’s open to the idea of moving their relationship forward to the next level, but Danny’s very hesitant. With the way things are going, I wouldn’t be surprised if Danny either proposes or asks Mindy to move in by the winter season finale because he comes to the realization that despite his bad history with Christina and marriage in general, it’s a different case with Mindy. They truly love each other, it’s just taking them a little while to catch up to each other and what they both want.

Memorable Moments

Pube’s ability to take off Mindy’s bra and underwear with just a lacrosse stick.

“We don’t need a Kramer. If we needed one, Morgan’s more that energy.” – Danny

Jeremy’s name is Jeremy Matilda Reed. How beautiful.

“I was thinking of a Strawberry Shortcake meets Saddam’s palace vibe.” – Mindy

“This is so stupid. Like an ant fighting with Thumbelina!” – Mindy

Interesting to note that all the male cast members were shirtless at some point. Jeremy was half shirtless.