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‘The Interview’ To Become An Art House Hit Near You

The Interview, Seth Rogen and James Franco’s controversial comedy based on secretive North Korea, is indeed now getting its Christmas Day release in the United States.

After having previously cancelled all forms of release for the film, Sony has bowed down to public pressure, with The Interview now coming to select theaters on December 25, 2014.

The Interview is being released like it’s a much smaller film than it is, with most of its support coming from independently owned theaters. (Mashable has the full list here.) These cinemas have been left to organize their own security, following the threats that caused Sony to cancel the release of the film in the first place.

Both Rogen and Franco have been rejoicing over the decision on Twitter, calling the release a win for freedom.

…I don’t know if the release of a male-centric comedy focusing on the assassination of a North Korean dictator really constitutes as a win for freedom, but all films deserve a release and a chance to be critiqued, and President Barack Obama himself applauded the action in a statement from one of his spokespeople.

Sony also reportedly has plans to stream the film On Demand, but has not secured any platforms to do so as of yet, with Apple reportedly having turned down an offer to stream the film.

Will you be watching The Interview this Christmas? And will it live up to the hype that the Sony hacking scandal has given the film? (My guess? Probably not. But what a piece of weird, pop culture diplomacy to end 2014.)

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