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‘The 100’ Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: “Fog of War”

Set two days after Finn’s massacre of several Grounders, Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) are back at Camp Jaha plotting how to get into Mount Weather and save their friends when Finn (Thomas McDonell) interrupts them.

Because of what he did, Clarke can’t look at him or even speak to him like she used to. Bellamy walks away to let them speak for awhile, but it’s evidently awkward. Clarke can’t forgive Finn, but Finn still believes that he did what he had to do, (which wasn’t what he had to do because the Grounders he shot and killed weren’t even holding his friends hostage!).

Either way, Clarke can’t think about what he’s saying for too long because Raven (Lindsey Morgan) comes up to tell her the news that Mount Weather is jamming all of their radio signals, which is why they can’t get into contact with anyone else. As they’re talking about what to do to fix the problem (Make their radio tower go “boom”), Abby (Paige Turco) comes in and they let her in on what they know. She agrees to go with them and look for the radio tower.

“We’re going back to Mount Weather.”

Speaking of Mount Weather, Dr. Tsing (Rekha Sharma) is telling President Dante (Raymond J. Barry) the good news that ever since the blood transplant, Maya (Eve Harlow) seems to be metabolizing radiation on her own since Jasper’s (Devon Bostick) blood transplant. She wants to do the same with the rest of the 47, take their blood, but President Dante refuses. He’s wanted to do it the way they had it planned all along, assimilate them into the gene pool. He doesn’t want them put in cages like animals. He needs them to volunteer to do this, not be forced into it. He recruits Jasper to try to convince his other friends to do the same as he did.

Kane (Henry Ian Cusick) and Jaha (Isaiah Washington) have been held prisoners in an old train station underground by Grounders for two days with no food or water when a Grounder comes in to tell them that because they sent an assassin into one of their villages (Damn it, Finn), “blood must have blood.” One of them has to kill the other and if they don’t, then they will both be killed. He walks off leaving a woman, Lexa, to watch the deed be done.

As for the trek to Mount Weather’s radio station, pretty much everyone tagged along, including Finn. When they find the radio tower at a reasonable distance, Abby realizes that Clarke conspired with Bellamy and Octavia for them to separate and try to find a way into Mount Weather. Abby doesn’t care about the explanation too much because their lives are still in her care. She sends out a team of soldiers to go look for and bring them back. Finn wants to go with them too, but everyone’s still wary of just letting him have a gun. He realizes this and angrily storms off. Clarke follows him to try to get him back, but before they can have a big heart-to-heart, poisonous fog appears and they have to find shelter. They’re able to make it to the bunker just in time. It seems like the bunker’s close by to pretty much everything.

Once in the bunker, Clarke sees the body of a Grounder Finn killed before he went off and killed 18 more. Finn tries to hastily cover it, but it’s too late. Clarke’s seen it and I’m pretty sure she’s never going to be able to forgive him. “So, first you can’t look at me and now you’re looking at me like I’m the enemy. You don’t look at me the way you used to.” And I bet she never will. He hands her the watch she lost and when she asks where he got it, he tells her the truth, it was around the Grounder’s neck. Despite this seemingly kind gesture, she starts to tear up for the lost Grounder and for the Finn she once knew.

Bellamy and Octavia are found fairly quickly by the soldiers, but they don’t have much time because they notice a bunch of bugs running away from the acid fog. While they’re trying to set up the tents, Octavia follows the bugs and finds a hidden door leading into a garage underground. They make it in just in time, well all of them except for one, and they agree to split up and look for a door into Mount Weather.

In Mount Weather, Jasper tries to convince them, but no one agrees to do it because of the side effects they’ll experience. They all walk off as Maya walks in and starts making small talk with Jasper and Monty (Christopher Larkin) all while holding up a notepad that reads to act normal and the breach wasn’t an accident. They follow her into a little storage room where they can talk more freely and not be heard. She lets them in on the information that they created the breach on purpose because they wanted to get Jasper’s blood. “The standard treatment sucks.” She shows them what this standard treatment is, Grounders being drained of their blood. She’s afraid that eventually the 47 and Jasper especially will be next to be put in those cages. Everyone seems to know about it, but no one talks about it because they need the treatments. Monty wants to leave now, but security’s been heightened since Clarke left. Jasper won’t leave the others behind anyway, so they agree to volunteer.

While they’ve taken cover from the fog, Raven’s still fiddling with her radio when she finds that they can listen into Mount Weather’s radio. They overhear some people talking about how they used the fog to try to wipe them out. It seems like they’re in charge of it. They can’t take down their radio tower anymore because they won’t be able to know what they’re planning.

While the soldiers are looking around in the garage, they find a small radio that plays chilling Christmas music in one of the cars. It starts playing, but at the same time two Reapers come up and grab them. This is how The 100 does Christmas episodes. How nice. Bellamy and Octavia hear their shouts and follow them to find that they’re not there anymore. They follow farther in and find that they were eaten by Reapers. As the Reapers run to them, Bellamy shoots the two dead. They follow farther in and find another Reaper eating the other soldier, but the Reaper looks familiar. It’s Lincoln (Ricky Whittle)! Octavia tries to speak to him, but he just runs after them and throws her onto a car. As he’s going to attack Bellamy, Octavia shoots his arm from behind, which gives Bellamy the opportunity to knock him out.

Kane and Jaha are still thinking about what they should do until Kane offers for Jaha to kill him. He wants to sacrifice himself. His rationale is that even though he didn’t call for the assassination of the Grounders, he did call for the sacrifice of about 300 people back on the Ark. He still feels guilty. Despite this, Jaha refuses so Kane has to do it himself. He slits his wrist, but Jaha holds onto him before he can do anymore damage. Jaha asks Lexa for a bandage which she gives over. He takes it and wraps it around Kane’s arm, but before she can get away, he grabs ahold of her because he’s going to hold her hostage.

“We didn’t come all this way to die. I choose to live.”

When the Grounders come in, Lexa gets out of the hold Jaha has on her and distinguishes herself as being the Commander of the Grounders. What she saw about Kane makes her realize that all of his intentions are peaceful and true. He’s allowed to break free, while Jaha will be used to send a message. They take Jaha away as Lexa tells Kane, “The massacre must be answered. Blood must have blood.”

Bellamy and Octavia are hiding inside a car when Lincoln wakes up and looks for them. He’s right outside their window, but he just walks away. Octavia doesn’t understand how he could just look right through her. “We’ll get him back. I promise.” They come up with a plan to try to get him back. Octavia walks out and calls for him, leading him into an alcove in the garage when Bellamy comes up behind him and shocks him into unconsciousness. Now, they just have to take him back.

Once the fog has cleared, Finn and Clarke are able to leave, but not before she tells him that the Grounders were completely innocent and unarmed and she doesn’t know who he is anymore. She’s definitely not going to be forgiving him anytime soon, which I’m actually really grateful for. Everyone seems to have dismissed what he did as just a trifling problem, but Clarke knows it’s not. She loves him, but she just can’t forgive him. He’s not the same boy who came down from the Ark.

“What have we become?”

Jasper’s roused up enough volunteers to help out with the treatments, but it seems like he has an ulterior motive. He’s told some of the others about what’s happened, now they just have to wait for Clarke to rescue them. After Dante thanks Jasper, Dante goes to speak to his son Cage about the breach. He believes that Cage did it on purpose. So, Dante isn’t really a bad guy, his son is.

Clarke and Finn make it back to the others and Abby and Raven fill Clarke in on why they can’t bomb the radio tower. It’s their chance of listening in on the enemy. They can’t speak for too long though because a very bloodied Jaha appears and tells them:

“I have a message from the Commander. Leave or die. We have two days.”

Death Count: I got it wrong last time, apparently Finn killed more than was shown. 21 + 3 = 24