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‘Survivor: San Juan Del Sur’ Episode 13 Recap: “Let’s Make A Move”

survivor san juan del sur let's make a move

In this week’s Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, Alec has just been voted out, which completely goes against Jon’s plan.

Keith, being that he was an immunity challenge “beast”, was a bigger threat to Jon’s game than Alec. Unknown to Jon, Missy, and Jaclyn, Natalie purposely cast her vote against Alec because she wanted to keep Keith in the game in order to make it more difficult for Jon to win immunity.

As they’re returning from Tribal Council, Natalie feigns confusion. She says the only person who came to talk to her about the vote was Jaclyn, and the plan wasn’t made clear enough for her. Because of the split voting, she thought she was supposed to vote out Alec. Baylor, who knows Natalie did this on purpose, smiles to the camera and says it’s hilarious watching Natalie act in front of Jon & Jaclyn. If they were smarter, they would figure out that Natalie knew exactly what she was doing.

Jon seems to have bought Natalie’s story.

Natalie says voting out Alec was a risk she was willing to take.

The next day, Natalie meets up with Keith. According to her, Alec was obsessed with Jon and she couldn’t have him in the game any longer. She also makes sure Keith knows that it was her deciding vote that kept him in the game.

Reward Challenge: It’s a team challenge where they’re belted together. The reward is a Survivor-style spa. Blue Team is Keith, Missy, and Jon. Yellow Team is Natalie, Baylor, and Jaclyn.

Yellow is in the lead, while Missy struggles, falls, and twists her ankle. Yellow can’t put the pizzle together in time, however, and loses. Jaclyn thinks Jon is being annoying, and he snaps at her, saying he’s not even taking the Reward. Instead, he’s giving it to Baylor. And Natalie gets sent to Exile Island.

With Jon & Jaclyn heading back to camp just the two of them, Jon says that he gave his Reward to Baylor to make a stronger case for the jury and solidify his alliance.

Reward: Keith says he’s never been to a spa before. Baylor says that even though Jon did a nice thing for her, getting him out is still her and Natalie’s first priority. Keith checks Missy’s ankle and says it doesn’t look too good.

According to Baylor, Keith is hilarious at the spa and he’s actually kind of cool. Jon thinks Natalie made a huge mistake and plans on bringing it up to the jury. Jon is so confident that he’s going to be a finalist. Jaclyn entertains the idea that Natalie cast that vote on purpose because she was threatened by the pairs, but Jon immediately dismisses it, saying their alliance is strong.

At Exile Island, Natalie talks about missing Nadiya. They’ve lived together for 28 years and this is the longest she’s gone without talking to her.

Poor Natalie returns from Exile completely exhausted and says she probably cried about 50% of the time while she was over there. Baylor, Missy, and Keith hand her some rice.

Jeff calls a medical examiner for Missy. In order to do an x-ray, the ME says they have to pull Missy from the game. Even Jeff looks a little emotional. Since there are only a few days left in the game, the ME says Missy doesn’t need to be pulled right away. Missy decides to stay in the game and sit this immunity challenge out in order to mobilize her ankle.

Immunity Challenge: It’s another challenge involving strength and endurance. Jaclyn is the first person out. Baylor is the next to go out. Then Keith. It comes down to Natalie and Jon, because of course. Natalie wins!

Jon wants to “stick to the plan” and vote Keith out.

After the immunity challenge, Natalie pretends like they’re all voting for Keith — in front of Jon & Jaclyn, anyway. She tells Keith to act depressed at Tribal Council. Natalie’s plan is for her and Keith to vote Jon, Missy & Baylor to vote Jaclyn, and Jon & Jaclyn will vote out Keith. That way, it goes to a re-vote, just in case Jon plays his idol.

Missy refuses to vote for Jon, however, because she gave him her “word”. Baylor is exasperated at her mother, saying that she relies too much in the men in her life. She makes a lot of good point about Jon being a threat to win the game, but Missy isn’t having any of it.

At Tribal Council, Keith talks about the 5-person alliance being impenetrable. Missy says she’s loyal to a fault. After the votes are cast, Jon decides not to play his idol.

It’s a 2-2-2 tie with votes being cast against Jaclyn, Jon, and Keith. The only people who can vote are Missy, Baylor, and Natalie.

Jon is voted out unanimously!

Best strategic Tribal Council of the season?

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