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‘Survivor: San Juan Del Sur’ Episode 11 & 12 Recap: “Kind Of Like Cream Cheese” & “Still Holdin’ On”

survivor kind of like cream cheese

Episode 11 – “Kind Of Like Cream Cheese”

Alec and Reed are pissed at Keith because he gave away their plan at Tribal Council when he said “stick to the plan”. Alec mentions that he doesn’t trust Reed at all and he’s not feeling too hopeful since they don’t have the numbers, and everyone knows about the plan to blindside to Jon.

Elsewhere, Jon claims that he was going to play his idol all along, and that Natalie had nothing to do with it, despite her whispering to him to play the idol. Natalie sees through it, and says in a confessional that he’s so concerned with looking like the mastermind of everything. It makes Jon appear arrogant.

Jon pulls Jaclyn aside and tells her that she shouldn’t give Natalie “the props” for Jon playing his idol. He wants to take credit for the move. Jaclyn gets pissed off because she feels like Jon is undermining her and assuming that he’ll be in the Final 3, while she’s on the jury. She stomps off in a huff.

Reward Challenge

Jeff: “How well do you know your tribemates?” If your rope has been chopped three times, you’re out of the game. The reward is a horseback ride and a trip to a resort with BBQ food and brownies.

They have to answer questions about people who were in the game post-merge.

Question #1: Natalie & Nadiya are twins. Who else has a twin sibling? Jeremy! Everybody gets it right except Keith.

Question #2: Who owns and operates their own tanning business? Julie. Everybody gets it right.

With Reed, Alec, and Keith out, the alliance of 5 tries to negotiate who they’re going to let win the Reward Challenge. Jeff decides not to waste any time. He cuts the challenge short and asks them to pick who’s going to win. They decide on Missy.

Missy sends Jon to Exile Island and she chooses Baylor and Natalie to go on the Reward with her. This upsets Jaclyn. Jaclyn says Missy, Baylor, and Natalie are very tight, and that worries her. Baylor makes some remark under her breath, and Reed calls her a brat. Missy goes into Mama Bear mode and they get into a heated argument.

Jaclyn wonders if she’s on the bottom of the alliance. Keith, Reed, and Alec chime in and say that Jaclyn should be worried. Jaclyn says this decision by Missy is making her second guess everything because when it comes down to the five, Natalie, Baylor, and Missy will stay tight. Jon & Jaclyn could end up getting voted out first.

Over on Exile Island, Jon finds another idol. Why?! The producers might as well put the idol in the urn, instead of the clue, because you know Jon is going to find that idol no matter what.

During the reward, Missy, Baylor, and Natalie are worried about Jaclyn’s feelings because she wasn’t picked to go on the Reward. Natalie says Jaclyn acts like a “princess”. The three women make a Final 3 deal. Natalie says she would feel really comfortable going to the Final 3 with Missy and Baylor, because she would win. At least, she hopes.

Back at camp, Reed and Alec are hoping they can sway Jaclyn with rice. They want her to flip to their alliance.

When the girls arrive back from the Reward, Missy says she needs to keep nurturing Jaclyn because Reed works fast. Alec flirts with Jaclyn and says she’s a cool chick. Natalie says their body language is really inappropriate and if she had a boyfriend, she would never act like that. Baylor gets suspicious of their flirting, as well.

Immunity Challenge

They have to balance six balls on an over-sized paddle. It’s between Keith and Jon, and Keith wins.

Reed’s plan is to take out Missy, and his plan hinges on Jon & Jaclyn once again.

Jaclyn wants to talk to Jon about flipping. But Jon feels like Jaclyn is just throwing her paranoia in his face. He claims he’s tired from being on Exile Island for so long and all he wants to do is cuddle and spend time with his girlfriend. Jaclyn gets pissed off and is in tears during a confessional, saying that Jon thinks he has it all figured out and doesn’t need her. He’s making her feel useless.

Jon, Jaclyn, and Reed are talking. When Natalie walks up, Jon starts winking at Reed when he says there’s no way he’s going with his plan. Jaclyn doesn’t see the wink and walks away upset.

Jaclyn gets even more upset that Jon is talking to Missy, who he sees as her mother figure, instead of coming to talk to her.

Jaclyn gives Jon the silent treatment for five hours. Reed is exasperated because his life in the game depends on Jon & Jaclyn talking.

At Tribal Council, everyone votes Reed out of the game.

reed survivor san juan del sur

Episode 12 – “Still Holdin’ On”

Coming back from Tribal Council, Jon & Jaclyn have resolved their issues and are back to being lovey dovey.

Alec doesn’t appreciate being accused of flirting, which was brought up at the last Tribal Council by Missy. Not having a Loved One in the game is taking its toll on him and he’s feeling extremely low.

Meanwhile, Jon feels like he’s controlling the game and has a lot of trust in his alliance.

Reward Challenge: The challenge requires concentration and endurance. Alec drops out first. It comes down to Natalie and Jaclyn. Natalie wins.

She sends Alec to Exile Island and chooses to share the Reward with Jon & Jaclyn. Natalie talks about wanting to get Jon out. She chose him and Jaclyn for the Reward so he’ll think she’s loyal and will never see it coming when she gets her revenge. (Revenge is a dish best served cold, and all that.)

Jon, Jaclyn, and Natalie get to sleep on a king-sized bed. Jon & Jaclyn get suspicious when Missy, Baylor, and Keith walk off together. Jon says he’s very close with Missy, so he trusts her completely. Natalie laughs and says they’re being completely paranoid.

Natalie talks about wanting to blindside Jon. She wants her revenge for him orchestrating Jeremy’s blindside. She wants to move forward with a new plan without Jon in it.

Natalie says Jon always talks about wine and wanting to be a wine specialist. It makes him come across as very arrogant and pretentious. Because he trusts her so much, Jon tells Natalie about the idol he found on Exile Island.

Natalie: “Jon should not trust me.”

Natalie tells Baylor they should just get rid of Jon. Baylor agrees. Jon reminds Baylor of some of the men in Missy’s life who have broken her heart.

Meanwhile, Keith is pissed that Jon is coasting through the game. He and Jaclyn sleep all the time, they’re lazy, and they’re getting way too comfortable in the game.

When Jon wakes up, he says he’s starting to get a weird vibe around camp. Jaclyn is worried that Keith is trying to sway Baylor, Missy, and Natalie over to his side.

Immunity Challenge: Missy is holding back tears. She hasn’t been getting a lot of sleep. An emotional Baylor wishes she could give some of her energy and strength to Missy.

It’s a battle between Jon and Keith. Jon wins.

Baylor and Natalie are unhappy.

Jon tells his alliance the plan is to vote Keith out. Natalie feels depressed because she was banking on Keith winning the Immunity Challenge.

While Natalie and Keith are talking, Natalie decides to keep Keith by switching her vote to Alec.

Tribal Council: Jon starts tearing up talking about his father, who’s dying from brain cancer. Jeff asks Keith if Jon’s tragedy could work against him in the game. Keith says he’s not buying it, and neither should the jury.

Alec is voted out.

Jon and Missy look around confused.

alec survivor san juan del sur

Next time… Natalie won’t rest until she gets revenge on Jon. Missy injures herself during a challenge and could be evacuated from the game.