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‘Black Mirror’ Trailer: Spend “White Christmas” With Jon Hamm & Oona Chaplin

Charlie Brooker’s excellent and terrifying sci-fi series Black Mirror returns this month for a 90-minute Christmas special, innocuously titled “White Christmas”.

How can such a widely used phrase suddenly instill so much dread in me? I blame the above trailer, featuring Mad Men‘s Jon Hamm, Game of Thrones‘ Oona Chaplin, and Life of Pi‘s Rafe Spall. In a press release, Channel 4 describes the special as “the most mind-bending episode yet, showcasing three interwoven stories,” each of the shorts featuring Hamm.

The trailer for Black Mirror: White Christmas intersperses scenes of Hamm’s character lamenting packet gravy, Chaplin’s character screaming in a white room, and an admittedly pretty cool way to literally block people from your life, with these ominous words: “What do you want for Christmas? A kiss under the mistletoe? A little peace and quiet? A perfect life? Be careful what you wish for…”

Because all of these sentences precede three very different settings, I’m assuming they have to do with the special’s three stories — quick and dirty summaries, perhaps. So does this make Jon Hamm a Christmas Wish-granting genie who always finds a way to pervert the wishmakers’ dreams? Guess we’ll find out soon!

Both seasons of Black Mirror are currently up on Netflix. If a harrowing series dealing with the effects of technology on society sounds like your kinda thing, you should definitely check this out before the Christmas special’s December 16th release on Channel 4, and an air date of December 25th in the U.S.