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‘Are You The One?’ Season 2 Episode 10 Recap: “Old Flames”

In this week’s episode of Are You The One?, Christina & Brandon are back together now that Christina knows she and Nathan — the only other guy in the house that she’s made a connection with, according to her — aren’t a perfect match. Elsewhere, Nathan flips shit at Christina & Brandon being together again. He feels betrayed because he thinks Christina lied to him. Apparently, Christina got back together with Brandon the same night she found out Nathan wasn’t her match. Poor, deluded Nathan. I actually feel sorry for him, but mostly I feel sorry that he has these delusions.

Challenge: Ryan says it’s called “Stuck” Buddies… get it? Because it sounds like “Fuck” Buddies. Haaaaaaaaa… no. So they have to solve a puzzle while tied together with whoever they think is their perfect match. During the challenge, Anthony & Alexandria and Dario & Ashley are in last place.

Winners are Brandon & Briana, Alex & Jasmine, and Nathan & Ellie.

Back at the house, Ashley is feeling conflicted. She wants her match to be Dario, but her gut says it could be Layton. And she doesn’t want to make the wrong choice and cost herself the money.

Meanwhile, Tyler and Alexandria are talking. Alexandria hasn’t made a connection with anybody and Tyler says Alexandria comes across as a trophy wife — to her face — and Alexandria admits that could be a possibility. Talk about setting low expectations for yourself. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that. I would totally be somebody’s trophy wife.) Anyway, Alexandria says that her first boyfriend cheated on her 17 times and that experience has made her very guarded. She talks with Anthony who says that he doesn’t believe in love. Alexandria says they’re both closed off, which might mean they go well together.

In one of the bedrooms, Nathan is seething because Christina wasn’t being “real and honest” with him. Christina gets angry because she feels like she was being real with Nathan. Brandon says how Christina gave Nathan a chance, but he didn’t make the cut, meaning Nathan is lashing out because he’s jealous or heartbroken or whatever. All of a sudden, the house oohs and aahs and Garland jumps into the fray. Brandon and Nathan are about to get into a fight but are held back.

Then, Brandon goes and kisses Christina. Nathan starts calling Christina a skank who will cheat on Brandon as soon as she goes back home. Christina says she was being real with Nathan and leaves the room crying.

Go Kart Racing: During the reward, Nathan says he’s trying to focus on Ellie now. Ellie says that the more she gets to know Nathan, the more she likes him. Ellie tells him about her life back home. Her mom and dad were 19 when they had Ellie, and they weren’t suited to be parents, so she was raised by her grandma. Ellie gets a little emotional talking about her grandma, who made an appearance in “Parental Guidance“. Nathan says that he grew up poor and the two bond over their shared experiences.

Alex & Jasmine are talking, as well. Alex admits that he has a tough time opening up to people, especially women. He’s excited about sharing personal stories with Jasmine. For her part, Jasmine admits that she really, really, really likes Alex and it’s actually kind of sweet.

During the voting, Tyler says that Alex & Jasmine are all over each other. Both she and Garland vote for them.

Truth Booth: Ellie tells Ryan that Anthony was just a distraction for her in the house because she always pursues the guy who doesn’t give her the time of day. But she genuinely likes Nathan.

Alex & Jasmine get voted into the Truth Booth. (They make a really good-looking couple, y’all. I doubt any of these people are together in real life, though.)


Briana says the house is ecstatic.

The Dario/Ashley/Layton saga continues. Apparently, Layton is with Jess every single night, despite saying that Ashley is his perfect match. And Ashley isn’t a dim girl. She knows exactly what’s going on. Brandon is talking with Dario and says that Layton doesn’t actually have feelings for Ashley, he just wants to “beat” Dario. I don’t think Dario likes Ashley that much, either, but he probably likes her more than Layton. Dario puts pressure on Ashley to decide on her perfect match already, that way Layton will stop going after her.

When Layton & Jess head to the Boom Boom Room, Christina & Ellie chase after them. Layton says he was just getting his bathing suit to go in the hot tub. Jess is upset that he would lie.

At the honeymoon suite, Jenni and Shelby are talking at the bar. Apparently, they’re good friends, because Jenni is excited to visit Shelby in Kansas. Shelby tells Jenni about not being able to make a connection with Curtis because of the Curtis & Briana situation from weeks ago.

The match-up ceremony

The men get to pick this time. These are the couples:

Nathan & Ellie
Garland & Jess
Layton & Ashley
Dario & Tyler
Anthony & Alexandria

Nathan talks about Christina lying to him and faking her feelings; Christina claims everything she told Nathan was real and honest. Jess says she gets upset when Layton tries to make connections with other girls in the house, because they’re so obviously together. She tries to get Layton to say that he’s with Jess, but he doesn’t respond and kind of shrugs her off. Awkward.

When Dario says he’s already “conquered” Ashley, Ashley explodes and stands up for herself. She’s not somebody to be “conquered”. You go, girl. Ashley dislikes being treated like an object and sees that Dario and Layton are in competition with each other. She’s just a “prize” to them that they could be sitting next to when they win a million dollars.

Finally, Anthony decides to pick Alexandria for strategic reasons. Christina is very understanding.

Number of perfect matches: 8

Bonus scene: Ellie tries to get Anthony to say certain words like “applesauce” in her accent.

Next time… Anthony & Alexandria make a trip to the Boom Boom Room.