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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 6 Episode 8 Recap: “Fade Into You”

On this week’s The Vampire Diaries, it’s “Friendsgiving” (as Caroline likes to call it) and for some there are things to be thankful for. For others, the date, and the holiday, spells doom.

Caroline has gathered the group together to celebrate Thanksgiving, dubbing it “Friendsgiving”, but there are some people that are missing. Though invited, Alaric and Damon are off to Portland looking for the object that can free Bonnie from purgatory. Oh, and poor Stefan didn’t get the invite from Caroline because, as she says, she is “mad at him.”

While the “boys” are off looking for the object to free Bonnie, with Bonnie’s bear holding her magic in tow, everyone else gathers for the feast.

Bonnie, meanwhile, is still dealing with Kai who has kidnapped her and is taking her to his family home in purgatory Portland – AKA the scene of his murderous crime, and the same area Damon, Alaric, and Stefan are heading.

As the others prepare for “Friendsgiving”, Elena practices telling Liam she is a vampire as she wavers back in forth on how and if she should tell him.

So, who all is in attendance at “Friendsgiving”? The guests include: Caroline, Elena, Tyler, Liam, Jo and Lucas and Liv. Jo is thrown a bit by Liv and wonders if they know each other; Liv says no. Meanwhile Lucas is putting together a video as it is his and Liv’s 22nd birthday.

As they settle down to the table, Lucas shows off his video of him and Liv on their fourth birthday. When Jo walks in on the scene she is taken aback hearing a familiar voice — hers.

And so The Vampire Diaries does what they do best – unveil a big reveal. As we learned last week Jo is Kai’s sister and now the audience knows Liv and Lucas are also siblings to Kai and Jo. It seems Jo had Lucas and Liv when Kai was went on his murderous rampage.

We also find out why Kai went crazy: twins of their witches coven have the most power and one of them will be chosen to lead. The only downfall for the twins is that the stronger one absorbs the other’s power and the weaker one dies. This is why Kai’s coven and family locked him away in purgatory and why Liv is so haunted – she and Lucas are turning 22, the age the ceremony happens and either she or Lucas will die.

Back in real world Portland, Alaric, Stefan and Damon go to Kai’s family home and find just a field. When Damon throws Bonnie’s teddybear at the empty space, it reveals a house – the house Kai grew up in and where he killed members of his family.

Kai and Bonnie arrive at the same house, but in their purgatory version of Portland. Kai says he just wants Thanksgiving in his old home, Bonnie is skeptical at this.

Alaric and Stefan are thrown when Damon disappears before their eyes. What really happens as the magical father of Kai has taken Damon and questions him. When Damon says he wants the ascension object the man tortures him and then says he must make sure Kai never gets free and tries to take power and control of the coven. How does he do that? He tries to kill Jo.

As Jo doubles over in pain, Elena calls Alaric and tells him what happened. Jo says she knows her father is trying to kill her and for Alaric and Stefan to go to a stump near her home. She knows why the house and Damon disappeared and tells them to retrieve the knife in there – it was where she hid her magic and also invites Stefan into the home so he can enter.

As for Jo, she is dying. As Liam tries to help her, Elena knows what she must do. She gives Jo her blood and saves her as Liam stares in disbelief. Elena then compels Liam to forget everything – including that they dated.

Stefan stops Jo’s dad and saves Damon and Jo’s dad disappears before they can do anything to him. As the boys are headed back, they talk to Jo who tells them she has the ascension object… so basically they traveled thousands of miles for an object that’s in their back yard.

Oh, and lets not forget Kai and Bonnie. Kai tells Bonnie a sob story about what happened the night he killed his siblings and what Jo did to him. After hiding Liv and Lucas, Jo tricked Kai into thinking she would perform the ritual with him that will merge their magic. But she has locked her magic in the dagger and their father sent Kai into the purgatory he is in now.

In the end, Kai realizes Jo’s magic is in the dagger and finds it in the stump. He absorbs the magic and stabs Bonnie. He states he has watched Bonnie do the spell to free himself and all he needs is a Bennett’s blood which is why he stabs her.

When Bonnie wakes up, Kai is gone, and it appears he has all he needs to return to the world of the living without her.

And poor Alaric, he is compelled by Damon to get the ascension object at whatever cost — though he had vowed not to do it. Alaric, why aren’t you on vervain? Failure on your part for that one.