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‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 6 Episode 7 Recap: “Do You Remember the First Time?”

This week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was all about the fall-out of last week’s episode.

How will Elena handle the fact that Alaric can’t give her memories of Damon back? What will happen to Tripp now that he’s in the clutches of Enzo and Stefan? How will Alaric react to being human again? Oh, and we head back over to 1990s purgatory to check on Bonnie and Kai.

Elena is struggling with the fact that she can’t remember loving Damon but she’s able to come to terms with her memory loss. Damon is not handling it as well. In fact, he crashes Elena’s date in the hopes of jogging her memory. They dance and he tries to tell her about their first kiss and she is still a blank. In the end, they go to the Edge of Mystic Falls and it is there that Elena has a plan. She steps over the border, into the space where there is no magic, and it is then that bits of her missing memory begin to return. She decides this is the only way to get her memory back. Damon, trying to be noble, tells her maybe she shouldn’t and he is letting her go.

And how does kidnapping Tripp play out? Well, Tripp’s followers answer by kidnapping Caroline’s mom and holding her as leverage to get Tripp back. As Stefan and Caroline work out the details of the exchange, they inadvertently leave Tripp at the mercy of Enzo. This proves to be fatal for when they make the hostage exchange and Tripp is headed back to the non-magical Mystic Falls he falls dead with his throat slit. Enzo had turned him into a vampire and he dies.

Alaric is thoroughly enjoying being human again. In fact, he refuses to take pain killers just so he can feel. His return to the land of the living also makes Dr. Jo happy and she tells him he is being released from the hospital so he can take her to the hospital fundraiser.

As for Bonnie, she is still stuck with the murderous Kai. She tries to fix the mystical object that can take her back to the living but Kai is always watching and waiting so he can go back as well. When he threatens her and Bonnie is forced to try the spell again, with the help of the eclipse, Kai is frustrated when Bonnie tries the spell — but her magic is gone. Where is her magic? She has placed it in her childhood bear. Where is the bear? Well, it seems she has sent the bear back to the world of the living where Damon finds it. It seems Bonnie really is stuck in purgatory forever.


  • Alaric sees a huge scar on Jo when she is changing her clothes. Jo tells him her brother tried to gut her. Perhaps not one of the best kept secrets of The Vampire Diaries that Kai is Jo’s brother.
  • Stefan realizes Caroline has feelings for him and Caroline becomes indignant and and tells him they won’t talk about it. (I’m sorry, but this is one of the most boring pairing attempts ever. And I hope they get over it soon.)