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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 3 Episode 9: “How To Lose a Mom in Ten Days”

“How To Lose a Mom in Ten Days” start with Mindy and Danny taking a bath together for the first time. Danny: “Isn’t that just marinating in your own filth?” My thoughts exactly. When they hear Danny’s mom Annette outside, Mindy takes a plunge under the water so she won’t see them  (it’s very reminiscent of Chandler and Monica’s bath on Friends).

After Annette leaves, Mindy is pissed off because she and Danny can’t get any privacy without Annette butting in. Annette is too clingy. Mindy complains that she can’t even send Danny her nudes without Annette seeing them. Mindy: “I will never stop sending nudies. That is my First Amendment right.”

Meanwhile, at work, Jeremy is kissing up to Dr. Ledreau because he’s close to retiring and Jeremy wants all of his old patients. Mindy, of course, is more interested in getting his parking space.

The office also learns that Tamra dumped Morgan. Everyone seems to think Tamra can do better. A heartbroken Morgan moves into Peter’s office so he can avoid Tamra.

In the break room, Mindy send another sexy text to Danny only to get a reply from Annette. She asks Peter for advice on how to deal with Danny’s mom and he tells her that she should find Annette a husband. Mindy realizes that it’s not such a bad idea, and she decides to set up Annette with Dr. Ledreau.

Mindy helps Annette get ready for her date by lending her some of her clothes. Unfortunately, she neglected to tell Danny and he doesn’t take it too well, thinking going on a date is too dangerous for his mom. You never know who’s a psychopath. Annette goes on the date, anyway.

The next day, Mindy receives a voicemail from Annette, saying she had a great time and she’s going out on another date. Peter, meanwhile, decides to help Morgan come out of his post-break-up blues by setting up an online dating profile for him and encouraging him to see other women.

When Mindy runs into Dr. Ledreau, he says Annette hasn’t been returning his calls. Mindy is confused since Annette said she had another date on Sunday. While Morgan shows the office his dating profile, Mindy is shocked when she sees Annette also set up an online dating profile.

Mindy panics when she learns Annette wants to go on lots of dates with lots of different people because her experience with Dr. Ledreau went over so well. So Mindy thinks the solution is to send Morgan on a date with Annette so she’ll see that the NYC dating scene is horrible.

Her plan backfires. Mindy is shocked when she finds out that Annette wants to go on another date with Morgan. She rushes to see Morgan who’s throwing a baseball around with Danny in the courtyard. When Danny finds out that Morgan is seeing his mom, he’s understandably upset.

Next, Mindy and Danny inadvertently end up on a double date with Morgan and Annette. Neither Danny or Mindy are happy about this development.

Outside of the restaurant, Annette and Danny have a heart-to-heart moment when she reveals that she’s always wanted to date, but she worried about what it would do to Danny and his brother because they had been so devastated when their father walked out on their family. Danny finally sees things from Annette’s perspective and says she’s a saint for making such a sacrifice.

Mindy, meanwhile, gives Morgan a pep talk, saying that he’s a nice guy who lifts things really well; he’ll find a woman better than Tamra so he shouldn’t feel so down. When Tamra shows up wanting to reconcile, she misunderstands the situation and thinks Morgan is seeing Mindy. Everything is cleared up and Tamra tells Morgan she made a mistake and wants to get back together. But, in a surprising turn of events, Morgan decides not to take Tamra back. Mindy’s pep talk made him think he can do better than Tamra, so he’s going to hold out for a better option. Tamra is pissed and declares she’s made two enemies — Morgan and Mindy.

The next day, Tamra moves into Peter’s office, while Morgan moves out. Dr. Ledreau has another date with Annette and their relationship has dissuaded him from retiring, much to Jeremy’s chagrin. And this time when Danny and Mindy are taking a sexy bath together, Annette doesn’t pass any judgment, instead offering to bring them a baked ziti.