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‘The Mindy Project’ Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: “Diary of a Mad Indian Woman”

If you were wondering why Mindy seems to only stay over at Danny’s apartment every night, you are not alone. After a particularly bad night at Danny’s (Danny accidentally kicked her in the face when she was tickling him), Mindy ends up convincing Danny to finally stay over at her place.

Mindy skipped on doing rounds with the interns the night before and unfortunately, Dr. Jean Fishman (Niecy Nash) finds out. Apparently, Dr. Reed can forge everyone’s signatures including Mindy’s, but he just ends up doing the work for her. Dr. Fishman needs her to teach the residents because there are a lot of aspiring female doctors that need a good role model. This sort of interferes with Danny staying over at Mindy’s, so she gets Tamra to dress up as a doctor and teach — more like perform inspirational poetry — to the students. She gets found out though, when she receives a call from Dr. Fishman telling her to get down there now. “She’s the opening act. I’m the headliner.”

Mindy has to leave Danny in her apartment while she works and everything seems to be going smoothly until his reading gets interrupted by a buzzing sound. He goes looking around in Mindy’s nighttable, turns off her “neck massager,” and ends up finding her diary. Oh, Nelly.

Who are we kidding? If there’s a diary just there for you to read, of course you’re going to read it, which is exactly what Danny does. He learns that Mindy’s actually had a little crush on him since she first started working there and she had sex dreams about him. He’s entirely engrossed in reading when Morgan barges into the apartment causing Danny to spill wine on all the pages.

“Always late, but worth the wait.”

Mindy’s busy teaching at the hospital and every time she asks a question for the medical students to answer, T.J. (Andrew Bachelor), #1 in his class at Harvard Medical, always interrupts and answers. Mindy wants to give everyone a chance, so she tries to get the shyest girl, Candace (Han Nah Kim), to participate. Despite the patient specifically asking for T.J. to perform the surgery on her, Mindy makes Candace do it.

Meanwhile, Danny and Morgan head over to Dr. Reed’s office to get him to write the entire diary over again in a brand new book because he’s the only one who can forge her signatures. As they’re discussing doing this, Mindy comes in to apologize to Danny that she never came home last night. She also calls him a “good boyfriend” and they should spend the night at his place. Once they get her out of the office, Jeremy gets started on transcribing her entire diary. I feel the need to point out that it’s her entire diary. That’s insane.

Mindy goes to Dr. Fishman to announce that she felt she did a pretty good job teaching last night, but it actually turned out to be the exact opposite. T.J. filed a sexism complaint against her, so now Mindy has to go to the gym and talk to him. T.J. finds it unfair that he had to work so hard to get where he is now and Mindy just throws it all away by ignoring him. Mindy admits to him that he reminds her a lot of herself when she was his age. She knows he’s smarter than all the other students, but she needs to give the others a chance.

“If you’re a doctor that doesn’t know how to get along with other people, then you’re a bad doctor.”

T.J. apologizes to Candace for his behavior, but she takes this sort of differently and pulls him down for a very passionate kiss. The next night, Candace is doing even worse because she’s so absorbed with looking at T.J. and now T.J. won’t answer the questions anymore because he wants to give Candace a chance. Mindy becomes so agitated that she finishes her teaching early. Despite this, Fishman congratulates her because she ended up mentoring T.J..

Because Jeremy has to write everything down, he’s also reading Mindy’s diary and he finds something that brings up some concern. Mindy related an incident after a date with Danny when Danny got down on one knee in front of her and instead of proposing as she thought he was going to, he asked if she voted for De Blasio. “If he doesn’t propose by Christmas, I might have to move on.”

Danny feels really pressured because they’ve only been dating 7 months, so he goes to his Ma for help. She just wants him to break up with Mindy. If he really isn’t thinking about getting married to her, he should break up with her now. At this moment, he receives a text from Mindy telling him that she’s sleeping over at her own apartment because she had a bad day. Danny has to rush over there and beat her to the apartment in time to replace her diary with the new one. After a frantic run through the city, Danny’s sweaty self makes it into her apartment just in time. Mindy will never know he, Jeremy, and Morgan read her diary.

Danny admits to Mindy that he isn’t very fond of staying in her apartment because he thinks it’s too soon for that. The last time he stayed at another girl’s apartment (Christina’s), it ended badly. Mindy gives him an ultimatum, “Do you wanna stay or do you wanna go.” And in a moment that made everyone’s hearts sink, Danny says he wants to go. He heads out as Mindy heads into her bedroom, but at the last second, Danny comes right back in and joins her on the bed. We can all draw a big sigh of relief.

Memorable Quotes

“My meat sticks. I need protein. I exert a lot of energy when I’m sleeping, dreaming that I’m winning the Olympics.” – Mindy

“You know what they call me around here? They call me Sarge.” “Actually that didn’t stick. We still call you Meatball.” – Mindy & Tamra

“Now that I’m a teacher, I’m going to take summers off.” – Mindy

“Hey, did this treadmill just ask my weight? Rude.” – Mindy

“We just went 50/50 on a unisex raincoat.” – Danny (And it’s purple!)

Not very funny, but I’d also like to note that although Mindy looks good in pretty much everything, I wasn’t particularly fond of her new bangs. I prefer her old haircut better.