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‘The 100’ Season 2 Episode 5 Recap: “Human Trials”

The episode picks up right where we left off with a now shot and injured Clarke being brought into Camp Jaha under the assumption that she is a Grounder. As they’re dragging her away, Abby gets a good look at her and realizes that under all that blood and mud is her daughter. “She’s not a prisoner. She’s my daughter!” Since Episode 9 of last season, Clarke’s been under the impression that her mother died, so she’s also shocked to find her mother here, of all places.

Once Abby brings Clarke in to get her fixed up, she tells her and Byrne that she and the others were in Mount Weather. They weren’t taken by the Grounders. Even though she’s injured and tired, Clarke’s still in a hurry to go and get them out. Abby pushes her back down, but that doesn’t stop Clarke from asking if anyone else made it, specifically Finn and Bellamy. After Abby nods that they did make it, Clarke cries tears of joy and relief. “I thought they were dead. I thought you were dead!” Abby hugs her as she continues to cry.

The next morning in Mount Weather, Jasper visits Dante to ask about Clarke. Dante tells him that she ran away and they’re aren’t looking for her because she’s not worth it. He does offer Jasper the option to go out looking for her and bring her back if he’d like to. Seeing as how they pretty much left Clarke out there to die, he’s probably expecting the same thing to happen to Jasper.

“Jasper, this is your home now. You’re welcome to stay here as long as you’d like.”

Kane plants his mother’s bonsai tree in the ground, but is interrupted by a soldier alerting him that their prisoner, the Grounder they found, won’t accept any water. He persuades him to drink by telling him that if he doesn’t then he’ll die, and if he dies then he won’t be able to help them stop the killing. They continue on their journey, letting the Grounder lead them to his Commander.

After sleeping for 10 hours, which I’m pretty sure none of the characters have had a chance to do, Clarke wakes up to learn that her mother is Chancellor for the time being. Clarke doesn’t want to rest anymore. “What I need is to save my friends.” Byrne comes in to alert them that they spotted movement in the nearby woods and it isn’t Grounders, so it must be Finn and Bellamy!

Clarke comes out of the tent and finds Raven sitting outside. She sat outside the entire night waiting to hear about Clarke. When they hug, Clarke notices Raven’s leg brace and is about to apologize when the gates are opened and she sees none other than Bellamy. Abby takes Mel and Monroe to medical and in the moment pretty much the entire fanbase was waiting for, Clarke runs to Bellamy and embraces him very tightly. At first he’s taken aback, but when he realizes it’s Clarke, he hugs her just as tightly and they sway back and forth with their eyes closed. If you can tell, I’m really trying to tone down my excitement. Octavia very cheekily says, “There’s something I thought I’d never see,” which causes them to break apart. Clarke hugs Octavia quickly and then tells Bellamy that no one else came with her. When she asks about Finn, Bellamy tells her that he’s out there looking for her.

Speaking of the devil, Finn and Murphy are scouting out a Grounder camp in search of their friends. Murphy doesn’t believe their friends are being hidden there, but Finn still hasn’t lost hope. Despite Murphy’s protestations, Finn decides that they’ll act at night. We can see that Finn is slowly and surely seeping into some sort of obsessive insanity without Clarke.

“I think I liked you better as a peacemaker.”

After a meeting with other higher-ups, Abby gives Clarke the news that they won’t be going after Finn and Murphy because they have more important things to do. Clarke and Bellamy both disagree and think that by not getting them back, it could make things worse with the Grounders. Bellamy brings up the idea that he and Clarke should go out looking for them, but Abby vehemently says no“I just got you back.” She’s quickly called away because of an emergency in Medical, but before she leaves, she announces that no one is leaving this camp. As soon as she leaves the room, Clarke approaches Bellamy and says, “We’re gonna need guns.”  I’m so glad my team is back. It’s been so long. With the help of Raven, who gives them guns and turns off the electrical fence for them, they and Octavia set out to find Finn and Murphy.

After Jasper tells Monty that Clarke left them behind, Monty decides that he wants to leave too, but Jasper doesn’t. He won’t leave because he’s too scared. When Maya comes in, she tells him that he’s not a coward. He can’t quite agree with her, but they can’t say anymore when she starts to develop bloody blisters all along her body. There’s been a Containment Breach and radiation is quickly starting to seep into the room. Once they get her to Medical, the doctor tells Jasper and Monty that there’s only way that could possibly save her from dying. They would have to hook up Jasper and Maya and exchange their blood because he’s built up an immunity to high levels of radiation. He agrees just in time to exchanging his blood for Maya. It doesn’t seem to be going so badly, but Monty still won’t leave his side.

That night by a campfire, Bellamy looks over at Octavia and Clarke as they sleep. His gaze lingers on Clarke when she wakes up. After she smiles at him, Bellamy tells her, “The last time I saw you, you were closing the dropship door. It had to be done.” He knew she had been worrying about leaving Finn and Bellamy out their to roast and die, but he assures her that she did what she had to do. He doesn’t need to forgive her. He understands. In the same way that she understands why he left Finn and Murphy with a couple of guns. “I’m sure that had to be done too.” He fills her in on how losing her and the war has changed Finn, so much so that he was able to kill without a second thought. They truly believed the Grounders took them. Octavia wakes up in time to tell them that after they find Finn and Murphy and rescue their other friends, they have to find Lincoln. With that, they set out on their trek again.

As this is all going on, Finn sets fire to the Grounders food in an effort to cause a diversion while they look around the camp for their friends. They don’t get to do too much snooping when a Grounder notices them. Murphy wants to make a run for it, but Finn decides to take that Grounder hostage and rally up the rest of them. Nyko comes forward because their leader isn’t there. He tells him that they don’t have their people here, but Finn still wants to look around.

By the time she’s out of the surgery she was doing, Abby’s noticed that Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia are gone. She confronts Raven with a slap for helping them leave, but Raven just calmly hands her some water. (No one slaps my fave and gets away with it!) Abby can’t believe Clarke’s changed because she still thinks of her as a kid, but Raven drops a truth bomb on her:

“She stopped being a kid the day you sent her down here to die.”

The Prisoner/Grounder finally leads Kane and the two other soldiers to what looks like the ruins of some place. Kane throws away all of his weapons and orders the soldiers to leave him by himself. They do as he tells them to and he cuts the Grounder free. “Let this be the first step to our peace.” Uh, not. As soon as Kane turns around, the Grounder pushes him down and knocks him out with a kick to the head.

Kane wakes up to find himself being pushed to the bottom of an enclosed pit. He hears a rattling of chains and much to his surprise, finds none other than Jaha.

AFter looking all over the Grounders’ campsite, Finn’s just about reached his wit’s end when he comes across all of their friends’ jackets hung up on posts. Now, he really thinks they’re hiding them and just about loses it. Nyko continues to tell him that they never saw his friends. He has only come across Octavia, but no one else. Finn doesn’t believe him and holds a woman at gunpoint to get him to say more. Murphy tries to assure him that they’re probably just scavengers and they came across the jackets. After a few tense moments of Murphy telling Finn to stop and Finn not stopping, he backs down and lets the woman free.

Bellamy, Clarke, and Octavia finally reach the outskirts of Lincoln’s campsite, but when Octavia recounts where the Reapers came from, she bursts into tears. “I couldn’t save him, Bell. I couldn’t save him.”

Speaking of poor Lincoln, they start what is known as the Cerebrus Project on him by injecting him with a dose that looks like blood. The next day, they inject him a second time and proceed to electrocute him. After Phase 1 is complete, they start up with Phase 2, which is a fight to death between Lincoln and another man. Whoever wins gets the next dose. Lincoln ends up winning the bloody fight and gratefully inserts the dose into his neck.

Maya wakes up completely renewed and learns that Jasper saved her life, “Told you you were brave.” At that moment, Jasper throws up over the side of the bed. Doctor Tsing’s called out to speak to Dante and apologizes that she didn’t get a chance to tell them about her experiment. The man running the torture of Lincoln and other men, who also happens to be Dante’s son, doesn’t find it fair that she didn’t have to alert Dante about the experiment. He’s apparently turning Lincoln and other Grounders into soldiers.

“Our people come first, right?”

While Murphy and Finn are talking about what they should do, they mention the man Finn killed with one eye. Nyko overhears and tells them that he told them their friends were here on purpose. He and some other men were cast out of the village for stealing. Murphy thinks this makes sense and just wants to leave. As they’re finally leaving, an older man jumps out of the enclosement they’re in and Finn, without a second thought once again, shoots him multiple times.

Bellamy, Clarke, and Octavia hear the gunshots and rush even faster toward the village. Another boy, Arteus, jumps out and starts running and Finn kills him too. More people start running out and Finn shoots them all like a crazed maniac. He doesn’t stop firing until he sees Bellamy, Clarke, and Octavia come in at a distance. Octavia sees Nyko leaning beside Arteus and runs to them. Finn’s staring at Clarke with an odd glazed expression on his face, while she observes all of the Grounders he killed. As Finn steps closer to Clarke in an almost obsessive way, she steps backward from him in complete shock and disbelief.

“I found you.”

With that completely heartbreaking ending, we have to wait 2 weeks for the next episode!

Death Count: 3 + 6ish = 9

Number of Reunions: 5