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‘Survivor: San Juan Del Sur’ Episode 9 Recap: “Gettin’ to Crunch Time”

survivor gettin to crunch time

Last week on Survivor: San Juan Del Sur, Jon & Jaclyn decided to go with Jeremy’s alliance, resulting in Josh’s torch being snuffed out.

Confessional: Reed says he needs to figure out who he can trust now that Josh is gone. He’s not done playing the game.

Jon feels guilty about leading Josh on but he says what ultimately pushed him to go with Jeremy’s alliance was how Jaclyn was being treated by the boys in Josh’s alliance (Keith, Wes, and Alec). Keith is furious that Jon & Jaclyn flipped, and starts thinking about using the hidden immunity idol in order to get rid of one of Jon or Missy. He knows he’s in a vulnerable position and that his alliance could get picked off one by one. “It’s gettin’ to crunch time.”

Reward Challenge: The survivors have to divide into two teams and fight in a duel. If their side wins (scores the most points), they’ll get to go on a yacht and enjoy delicious sandwiches.

Blue Team: Wes, Missy, Jon, Jaclyn, and Keith
Yellow Team: Alec, Baylor, Reed, Jeremy, and Natalie

Jeff Probst: “A nice, muddy challenge.”

Reed vs. Wes: Reed wins a point.
Natalie vs. Jaclyn: Natalie wins a point.
Jeremy vs. Jon: Jon wins a point.
Baylor vs. Missy: Baylor wins a point.
Alec vs. Keith: Keith wins a point.
Reed vs. Wes: Wes wins a point.
Natalie vs. Jaclyn: Natalie wins a point.
Jeremy vs. Jon: Jon wins a point.
Baylor vs. Missy: Baylor wins a point.

Now that Josh is gone, Jeremy’s biggest competition to win is Jon. With Jon beating Jeremy twice in the duel, could this be symbolic for Jon outlasting Jeremy in the game?

In a surprising turn of events, Jeremy and Natalie decide to give up their reward spots to Jon & Jaclyn. Natalie explains that Jon & Jaclyn showed their loyalty to their alliance in the last tribal council (by voting out Josh), and this is their way of showing them some love and gratitude. Yellow Team also decides to send Jeremy to Exile Island, with Baylor explaining that she thinks there’s an idol on Exile and it would be better for their alliance to have it, not knowing that Jon already found the idol in the last episode.

I don’t know how I feel about Jeremy and Natalie’s move. It’s a little transparent, if you ask me — even more than when Natalie chose to go to Exile Island with Baylor. And it puts a big target on their back. And we’ll see how this all plays out at the end of the episode.

Natalie explains the move, saying she wants Jon & Jaclyn to know that they’re grateful for their vote and she wants them to be loyal to her and Jeremy.

It doesn’t escape Wes’ notice that Jeremy and Natalie giving up the reward was a big strategic move, either. Wes announces that he doesn’t want to be “hashtag blindsided” and Keith explains in a confessional that if they get the heads up about being voted out, then he and Wes can use the idol to prevent that from happening.

Jeremy can see the yacht from where he is on Exile Island. He wants to find the idol so he can bring it back to his alliance and that way they will trust him more. While Jon is grateful for Jeremy and Natalie giving up their spots, he can see the motive behind it and knows that Survivor is a social game.

Meanwhile, Natalie’s move wants to make Reed want to hurl. With nothing left to lose, Reed is ready to stir up some chaos in order to stay in the game.

Jeremy hates Exile Island. He stayed up all night and now he feels extremely lethargic. He couldn’t find the hidden immunity idol, either, which makes him think that Jon has it. Back at camp, Jon is thinking about his idol, knowing that when Jeremy comes back without it that everyone will know Jon has it.

Was it worth it for Jeremy? Definitely not. Probst comments on how beaten down he looks.

Immunity Challenge: The survivors have to put a puzzle together using only their feet. Reed is extremely close but, somehow, Baylor wins.

Jeremy remarks how he’s happy as long as one of his alliance members won the Immunity.

Reed is disappointed that he lost so he’s willing to do whatever it takes to stay in the game, including going through Keith’s bag. In it, he finds the clue to the hidden immunity idol and tells Baylor, Missy, and Jaclyn all about it.

Keith tells Wes about the clue being missing, so now everybody knows about Keith’s idol.

Jaclyn tells Jon about Keith’s idol. Jon reassures Jaclyn that he burned the clue to his idol.

Jeremy tells Natalie about Jon having the idol, so he tries to catch Jon in a lie.

So Jon tells Missy about having the idol, hoping to gain her trust. Jon wants to vote out Jeremy. Missy says she’s been aligned with Jeremy and Natalie from the beginning, but now she’s starting to question her allegiance. She wants to split the votes between Keith and Reed just in case Keith has an idol.

At tribal council, Reed calls out Jeremy’s move, saying it’s self-serving being selfless. Jon & Jaclyn get into an argument with Wes.

Jeremy gets voted out!

jeremy survivor san juan del sur

Final Thoughts: What a crazy ending, I definitely wasn’t expecting that. But voting Jeremy out doesn’t seem like it was a good move for Baylor, Missy, Jon, or Jaclyn. Jon & Jaclyn just picked a side last week. It seems too early to turn on your alliance now, especially with Keith, Wes, Alec, and Reed out there. They just made an enemy out of Natalie, as well.

Jeremy: I was rooting for Jeremy, so I’m a little devastated. At least the outcome was unpredictable and it’s interesting that the two people pegged to win the season — Josh and Jeremy — are the first two members of the jury. The Baylor/Missy/Jon/Jaclyn alliance would have had to turn on Jeremy eventually, but it seems a bit premature at this stage in the game. I wish he hadn’t given up that reward to Jon & Jaclyn because the only thing it got him was a huge target on his back. Nobody in Survivor feels like they owe anybody anything. Brenda in Caramoan comes to mind. Josh protecting Baylor in the pre-merge and expecting her to stay loyal is another example of this.

MVP: Reed! He benefited the most from Jeremy being voted out. After Josh got voted out last week, it looked like it was going to be a predictable episode this week with Reed going out right after him. The fact that Reed was able to turn it around says a lot about him.

Next week… Jon becomes public enemy #1 and Natalie is out for revenge as she’s hellbent on finding Jon’s idol.