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‘Survivor: San Juan Del Sur’ Episode 8 Recap: “Wrinkle In the Plan”

survivor san juan del sur wrinkle in the plan

Last time on Survivor: San Juan Del SurJulie shocked everyone (except the viewers) by quitting the game. #TrailMixScandal

Back at camp, everyone is reeling from Julie’s decision.

Once again, “power couple” Jon and Jaclyn are in the middle. The middle, you hear me! They’re walking down the beach together like the main characters in a Nicholas Sparks novel. As they’re discussing strategy, Jon tells us in a confessional that the plan is to vote out Jeremy and go with Josh’s alliance. It seems Josh’s talk with Jon about Jeremy having a more sympathetic story — being a firefighter with kids — really affected Jon’s decision. Kudos to Josh for having that kind of influence.

Reward Challenge: The survivors this week are playing for a Survivor-style taco bar, which immediately sounds like a bad (read: runny) idea to me. Poor Missy didn’t get picked to be on anyone’s team [insert joke about Missy being divorced three times] so she’s sitting out.

Blue Team: Josh, Jon, Jaclyn, Baylor, and Alec

Yellow Team: Jeremy, Natalie Wes, Keith, Reed

The teams have to build a pyramid and… the Yellow Team wins! They decide to send Jon to Exile Island by himself.

During the actual reward, Natalie remarks on the awkwardness of her and Jeremy sitting down with the opposing alliance — Reed, Wes, and Keith. In a rare confessional, Reed tells us about wanting to keep the “homeostasis” of the group the same.

Keith pretends as if he, Wes and the rest of their alliance were planning to vote Julie out all along — and they had no idea what to do with themselves after she quit if they had been forced to go to tribal council. Of course, Jeremy sees right through the lie and tells us he knows Josh’s alliance was planning on voting him out. Perceptive.

Wes is scarfing down burritos, margaritas, and beer, despite Keith telling him to slow down. Soon, nature comes calling. *laugh track sound effect*

Huyopa Camp: Josh wants to talk to Baylor one more time about her vote. He reminds her of their Day 1 alliance and how he protected her back at Coyopa. Baylor, however, feels like she’s being blackmailed and thinks Josh is being so un-Christian-like. I can see why everyone thinks she’s annoying. In a confessional, she says she doesn’t owe Josh anything.

jaclyn survivor san juan del sur

Meanwhile, Jaclyn reassures Josh that she and Jon are voting with his alliance. For. Sure. Josh expresses his doubts, but all he can do at this point is put his faith in Jon and Jaclyn.

Exile Island: Jon find an immunity idol laid out for him on top of some rocks. *yawn*

Huyopa Camp: Wes, Keith, and Alec are acting rude and talking explicitly about farts and other ungentlemanly things. More importantly, they’re treating the women with total disregard and it’s really starting to bother Baylor, Missy, and Jaclyn. In a confessional, Jeremy calls the men out and says they shouldn’t talk like that around women because it’s not appropriate. Missy tells Jeremy at camp that he and Jon are the only gentlemen on the island. Jeremy <3

Jaclyn, in particular, is pissed off at the men and bonds with Baylor and Natalie over their chauvinistic behavior. With Jon on Exile Island, Jaclyn is starting to see the men for who they truly are and she doesn’t feel comfortable around them. The men aren’t even bothering to campaign for her vote because they think she’ll roll over and do whatever Jon tells her. A woman with a mind of her own? Yeah, right!

Alec: “Jaclyn will do whatever Jon says.” Famous last words?

Immunity Challenge: A boring memory challenge that takes up way too much time.

Elimination Order:

  1. Jon
  2. Reed
  3. Wes
  4. Alex
  5. Natalie
  6. Baylor
  7. Jaclyn
  8. Missy
  9. Keith

In a poetic ending, it all comes down to Josh versus Jeremy. And with this final two, we know the rest of the episode will be anti-climatic. Jeremy ends up winning, which doesn’t look good for Josh at all.

Back at camp, Josh’s alliance — especially Alec and Keith — want to vote Baylor out because she’s annoying.

With Jon back from Exile, the golden couple reunite and Jon quickly whispers in Jaclyn’s ear that he has the immunity idol. Later, Jaclyn tries to change Jon’s mind about which alliance they need to side with. She describes how the men were acting while he was gone, and Jon says something about Jaclyn being the love of his life but needing to play the game without emotion. Jaclyn argues that the men would be more difficult to beat in challenges compared to Jeremy and the women. But Jon is threatened by Jeremy’s story  — a firefighter with kids — and thinks he would be tough to beat in a Final 3. Jaclyn: “You don’t know that.”

Keith and Missy get into an argument about Baylor, with Keith saying that Baylor is lazy and doesn’t do anything around camp. He criticizes Missy’s parenting skills and Missy obviously isn’t happy about this. The mother-daughter duo don’t think it’s very smart of Keith to reveal his vote.

Elsewhere, Jon and Jaclyn can’t make up their minds! Jaclyn wants to go with Jeremy and Missy, while Jon is more on the fence.

Tribal Council: Jaclyn calls the men out for ignoring her and treating her completely differently when Jon isn’t around. She feels like she was being ignored and that her opinion wasn’t being valued, but she reminds the men that she and Jon are a unit and they make all of their decisions together.

Keith defends himself by saying that everyone passes gas, even the ladies. He doesn’t think he was being sexist. Jeff Probst laughs.

Natalie makes a pitch to Jon and Jaclyn that they should go with the alliance that they can trust more (hint: Jeremy’s alliance). Reed makes a counter pitch that the singles will gang up on Jon and Jaclyn because they make a powerful and threatening duo. (The last remaining singles on that side are Jeremy and Natalie, so that argument doesn’t make any sense, if you ask me. The couples hold all the power.)

During the vote, Alec writes down Baylor’s name, while Baylor writes down Josh’s name. She mentions the very first tribal council when Josh wrote her name down for no apparent reason. Ever since that vote, Baylor felt like she couldn’t trust Josh.

The vote is extremely close but, ultimately, Josh is voted out and becomes the first member of the jury.

josh survivor san juan del sur

MVP of the Week: Jaclyn. She was instrumental in the vote this week but the edit doesn’t seem to give her enough credit, with Jon getting more confessionals. It was implied that she was acting from emotion, but her decision to go with Jeremy’s alliance made logical sense and she brought up logic-based arguments when pitching her plan to Jon. This episode not only showed that she has Jon wrapped around her finger, but she’s also capable of making smart, sound decisions that are beneficial for her (their) game.

Final Thoughts on Josh: I’ve been rooting for Jeremy during this short-lived Jeremy vs. Josh saga, but I’m actually sad to see Josh get voted out. From a viewer perspective, I would rather see Josh on my screen over Alec or Wes. Josh was one of the few people actually playing the game and, for a while, it looked like Josh would be the winner because of his incredible edit. The reason I couldn’t fully get on board with Josh, however, was because his confessionals were too strategy heavy and revealed little about his actual personality. We got some of his backstory in an earlier episode where he talked about being Christian and staying abstinent, but other than that, he seemed quite dull. I would have liked for Josh to show more personality. Say what you want about Jeremy being negative during his confessionals, but at least he has a personality and a strong point-of-view.

Winner Prediction: Jon. His edit is really strong and he just found the hidden immunity idol. He could be the Fabio of this season. This wouldn’t be my ideal outcome. We’ve already had a straight white dude win three seasons in a row (John Cochran, Tyson Apostol, Tony Vlachos). Time for a change!

Next time… Reed is willing to lie, cheat, and steal in order to stay in the game. He finds Keith’s hidden immunity clue and tells Missy and Baylor about it, sending everyone into a tailspin.