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One Direction Takes You On A Date In “Night Changes” Music Video

Say what you want about One Direction, but their songs are extremely catchy and fun and I’m still waiting on Zayn to go solo.

The music video for “Night Changes,” one of the songs on their newest album Four, is extremely cheesy and a little bizarre. The video is basically self-insert fan fiction or one of those Japanese Choose Your Own Adventure video games. In this one, you go on a date with each member of One Direction and each date is a different experience: dinner with Zayn, carnival with Liam, ice skating with Harry, a scenic drive with Louis, and… board games with Niall. Riveting stuff, right? (Going to a carnival and ice skating seem like the most fun options, if you ask me.)

Everything seems to be going perfectly until each date is ruined in their own disastrous way. During the dinner, the girl’s enraged boyfriend (twist!) shows up and drops spaghetti over Zayn’s head. Ice skating ends in injury for both the girl and Harry. Liam gets an upset stomach and throws up into the girl’s hat after going on a carnival ride. Louis gets pulled over by the police, which leads to him getting arrested. And Niall sets his arm on fire. (Really, the only one who deserves a break is Zayn since the girl’s boyfriend is the one who ruined everything.)

Also, why does the date with Louis take place in the morning/afternoon? It kind of ruins the theme.

Anyway, I won’t deny the acting is terrible — especially from Liam — but I think they redeemed themselves for face morphing. This music video isn’t nearly as creepy (although it does have its moments).

What does the Twitterverse think?

What did you think of the music video and which date was your favorite?