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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: “Fall”

Another curse is coming to Storybrooke, and this one causes the inhabitants to see the worst in each other. The Snow Queen/Ingrid (Elizabeth Mitchell) wants to rid the town of everyone except Elsa (Georgina Haig) and Emma (Jennifer Morrison), because she now sees them as her new sisters. Rumplestiltskin (Robert Carlyle) tells Ingrid to do whatever she wants, but to allow him to leave town with Belle (Emilie de Ravin) and Henry (Jared Gilmore). What a nice guy Rumplestiltskin is, right?

The people of Storybrooke aren’t going down without a fight. As the curse cloud looms, everyone is trying every angle possible to fight back. One idea, courtesy of Belle and the fairies, is possibly using Anna (Elizabeth Lail)… if only they could find her. This spurs Elsa to try even harder to find her sister.

As David (Josh Dallas) attempts to scale the ice wall, he is turned away, but his efforts cause a hole in the ice. Elsa looks down and is excited to find Anna’s necklace, which she thought she had lost. What makes the necklace even more useful is that they can use it to find Anna.

Elsa and Emma use the necklace, which is enchanted with a locater spell, to try and find Anna. It eventually leads them to the mine where there are a bunch of rocks leading somewhere.

Meanwhile, the fairies notice there is a bit of the shattered glass that caused the curse to be unleashed and they believe they can use it to make an antidote. Unfortunately, the antidote will destroy the necklace. Elsa won’t have any of this, however. She tricks the fairies by trading rocks instead of the necklace.

Emma races back to find Elsa, as time ticks away for the curse to hit, and Elsa uses her powers to break open the area where the rocks are. They are both disheartened to discover it just leads to the beach. Elsa believes she may have lost Anna forever.

So, what did happen to Anna? Well, she and Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster) have become unfrozen and she is determined to find Elsa – distraught that Elsa might think the worst of her for putting her in the urn. But before Anna and Kristoff can set off and search for Elsa, believing if they found the wishing star they could find her, they are caught by Hans (Tyler Jacob Moore). After escaping Hans, the duo go in search of Blackbeard the Pirate – believing he has a wishing star.

Anna and Kristoff find Blackbeard but learn he is in collusion with Hans. They are put in a trunk and Hans means to drown them, but not before he tells Anna and Kristoff they have been frozen for 30 years.

In Storybrooke, Elsa is distraught. She believes she has lost her sister for good and the curse is still coming. Holding the snowflake necklace she gave Anna, Elsa wishes she could see her sister again. Just then, as Anna and Kristoff are drowning in the chest, they are suddenly transported to the beach where Emma and Elsa are.

The necklace was the wishing star all along, and Anna and Elsa are reunited. But it is short-lived as the foursome race back to Storybrooke. What do they find?

  • The fairies, who were working on a cure at Granny’s, are gone. They have been sucked into the Sorcerer’s hat after Hook had to follow the orders of Rumpelstiltskin – who believes their power will be enough to free him from the dagger.
  • Mary Margaret and David, with baby Neal, are in the sheriff station. Mary Margaret asks Emma to take Neal and lock her and David in the jail cells. They suggest Kristoff be locked in handcuffs as well since he will be affected, too. Anna is immune since she has been affected by the curse before.

Hook comes by and says good-bye to Emma before he locks himself away – knowing the curse will get to him as well. In fact all of Storybrooke’s residents brace for the curse. Rumpelstiltskin seals Belle in the pawn shop using magic and Regina does the same with Henry, sealing him in her home. Regina herself tries to lock herself in her basement after she says goodbye to Robin Hood.

Everyone braces as the curse hits and then it is there. The episode ends with David and Mary Margaret letting go of each other’s hands as the look of disdain crosses their face. And Anna looks at Kristoff as the love drains from his eyes.

The curse is here and all hell is about to break loose again.