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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: “Smash the Mirror”

It was a super-sized episode of Once Upon A Time as it took two hours to unveil all the details in an episode entitled “Smash the Mirror.”

The main plot involves Emma’s desire to get rid of her magic. Emma’s desire is solidified when her lack of control slightly injures Henry which propels her to seek out Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold. When will Storybrooke residents ever learn this is not a good idea?

After talking to Rumplestiltskin, Emma believes he really will help her get rid of her magic. Poor Emma, so desperate to rid her magic so she wouldn’t hurt her family she even believes Rumpelstiltskin has no ulterior motive. She even calls her family to tell him she is fine and is going to get rid of her magic.

But what is Rumplestiltskin really up to? Oh, he is going to take Emma’s magic, but Emma too. His plan is to trap her in the Sorcerer’s hat. Oh, and to make sure things go off without a hitch, Rumplestiltskin uses small pieces of the urn that trapped the Snow Queen and Elsa to trap the Snow Queen. It is a piece of magic that won’t last long – but long enough to make sure his plan goes off without a hitch.

What Rumplestiltskin doesn’t realize is the wildcard in his plan – Elsa. After Elsa overhears Mary-Margaret and David talk about maybe it will be good for Emma to lose her powers Elsa goes in search of Emma. Elsa uses the locator spell Regina provided to find her.

Hook is also in pursuit as he leaves Emma frantic voice mail messages not to trust Rumplestiltskin. He even confesses all his misdeeds on the message. But Rumplestiltskin is one step ahead of Hook trapping just outside the new house he found with Belle as he sets a trap for Emma.

Elsa arrives just in time to talk to Emma.

What does Elsa tell her? It all draws from what we learn happened to Anna back in Arendelle. The two sisters always have each other’s backs and Elsa doesn’t believe anything the Snow Queen says about Anna – visiting Anna in the dungeon the Snow Queen put her in.

elsa once upon a time

Elsa breaks Anna out and they go in search of the urn to trap the Snow Queen. They find it in the Snow Queen’s old children’s room she shared with the two sister’s mother. The plan is for Anna to be locked back in the dungeon cell and Elsa would send the Snow Queen down to Anna after she handed down a decree that Anna is to be banished.

But the plan doesn’t work out as planned. The Snow Queen was a step ahead and she does something horrid to Anna. She puts a spell on her and Anna can only see the worst in people.

Carrying the urn, Anna, who is under the spell, intends to trap Elsa in the urn. The Snow Queen believes she has the ammo now to turn Elsa and Anna against each other but she doesn’t bank on sisterly love. Though Anna is saying horrid things to Elsa, Elsa won’t use her magic on Anna. In fact she folds her arms and as she is being sucked into the urn she tells Anna she loves her.

With Elsa in the urn, the spell is broken and Anna is devastated to learn what has happened. Kristoff barges in to save Anna but both Anna and Kristoff are frozen by The Snow Queen.

The Snow Queen is distraught that Elsa is locked in the urn. She makes a deal with Rumplestiltskin – the urn for the Sorcerer’s hat she stole from Anna. Just as she is about to say Rumplestiltskin name three times the Sorcerer’s apprentice shows up reminding her she has a deal with him. Their earlier deal was for him to find a third woman of magic to be her sister. The Snow Queen trades off the hat for a chance to find her third magic sister that is yet to be born (Emma) – she walks through a magic door and into “our world” in 1982 the year Emma will land.

How did that flashback help Elsa convince Emma not to give up her magic? She tells her it isn’t the support of loved ones but they must love themselves and embrace their magic. Emma walks away from the trap set by Rumplestiltskin and everything seems to be right with the world as Emma reunites with her family.

But here is why all is not right in Storybrooke: One of the ingredients for Rumplestiltskin grand plan of separating himself from the dagger that controls him is the heart of someone who knew him before he was “The Dark One.” Bad news for Hook as Rumplestiltskin’s consolation plan for not getting Emma’s magic is Hook’s heart and the deal that Hook is now his puppet – doing whatever he commands.

Emma doesn’t get a moment to enjoy reigning in her powers as Elsa and she notice yellow ribbons encircling their wrists. Yes, those ribbons, the same ribbons worn by the Snow Queen and her sisters. Now the Snow Queen has harnessed the other women’s powers after they embraced them and she is hell bent on unleashing a spell that will show the bad side of everyone.

Useless story plot: Regina and Robin Hood hooking up and Robin using the Henry’s fairy tale book to try and find Regina a happy ending. That is also called Robin trying to justify cheating on his wife, Marion – a wife who’s frozen and can’t even fight for her husband.

Can someone go and un-freeze Anna and Kristoff and give them some hot cocoa?