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‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: “Family Business”

At one point in this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time — “Family Business” — Hook (Colin O’Donoghue) says that everyone at some point has been revealed to be related to someone else in Storybrooke. Maybe everyone isn’t related, but they all seem to be tied together.

That is why Belle’s connection to Anna shouldn’t be shocking. Most of the past in this episode is focused on Belle (Emilie de Ravin) who is mourning her mother, who was killed in an ogre attack. She doesn’t remember her mother’s death and goes in search of a magical object that can help. That magical object is in Arendelle.

Meanwhile, Anna (Elizabeth Lail) is reeling after learning she has an aunt — the Snow Queen (Elizabeth Mitchell). She is also dodging Elsa’s questions about what she found on her journey. Anna wonders how she can tell Elsa (Georgina Haig) that their parents wanted to find a way of stripping Elsa of her power.

Looking for answers about her newly discovered aunt, Anna tells Kristoff (Scott Michael Foster) she is going to see GrandPoppy the rock troll hoping he can help her. Kristoff agrees to cover for her while Anna is gone.

Anna finds Belle who is looking for the rock troll as well, as she has heard they have the object that can help with her memory. The two women take off together, each with a goal and questions for GrandPoppy.

Both find what they are looking for; Anna learns that her mother had two sisters, one is her newly discovered aunt and another one is shrouded in mystery. Belle is given a rock to help with her memory.

On the trip back, Belle and Anna are attacked and Anna slips down the side of a mountain. Hanging on by a thread, Belle chooses to hold onto the rock that will give her memories back and Anna falls to the ground below. That’s when the Snow Queen, Anna’s aunt, shows up and whisks her away.

once upon a time family business anna

The Snow Queen locks Anna up in a cell, saying Anna is the odd woman out in the new family she is building. She states Anna won’t fit into the family she is forming because she and Elsa have powers and Anna does not. She shows the box with the sorcerers’ hat inside, which she got from Anna when she fell. She accuses Anna of intending to use it on Elsa to take away her magic. Anna vehemently denies it but the Snow Queen doesn’t want to hear it, choosing not to believe her.

Meanwhile, back in Storybrooke, Emma (Jennifer Morrison) is piecing together the clues of how she knew the Snow Queen as a child. She spent six months with the Snow Queen who was serving as her foster mother.

As for Belle, she is riddled with guilt as she is holding onto her secret about knowing Anna. She goes in search of the Snow Queen, believing she has power over Rumpelstiltskin with the dagger. Belle finds the mirror that the Snow Queen constructed that forces people to face their darkest fears.

Rumpelstiltskin confronts the Snow Queen and says they have much to discuss since he has what she is looking for — showing her that he has the sorcerers’ hat.

As the episode closes, Belle seeks out Elsa and comes clean, admitting she knew Anna and that the Snow Queen was the one who took Anna. Elsa and Emma also have a revelation, finding a book with the Arendelle royal lineage. They find a picture of Elsa’s mother, the Snow Queen, and their third sister who looks a lot like Emma…

That’s when they realize that the Snow Queen is trying to construct a new family based on an old prophecy Emma found in her box of memories as a child.

To make matters worse, Belle tells them that the Snow Queen’s magic mirror holds powerful magic that when released will foster distrust amongst the Storybrooke inhabitants, causing them to turn against each other.

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